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    With the Wild Card event for The International 2016 Dota 2 tournament starting in just a few days on Tuesday August 2nd, Valve have opened the event's official website. Like previous years, the event hub features as an overview for the tournament, including details about how to watch games live and via replays, how the $19+ prize pool will be distributed, how each team will be participating, and how you can keep up with all the real world action via social media.

    Like last year, the extremely large prize pool will be broken up in such a way that every participating team is given something for their troubles, with positions 13th through 16th receiving a minimum of at least $95,305. On the flip side, the first place team will receive a slightly larger percentage than last year, receiving a total of $8,386,847 (around 44% of the total prize pool). These figures will likely still increase further as the community continues to buy Battle Passes and points.

    The hub also includes a link to the WeLoveFine Secret Shop, which features all of the new merchandise set to be released alongside The International 2016 in early August. While the extremely popular Demiheroes have annoyingly been dropped, the Secret Shop still features much of the same high-quality merchandise as ever, including t-shirts, figurines, emoticharms, accessories, and plushies.

    In the run-up to the event, be sure to check out the schedule to avoid missing any of the major action or the All-Star match, set to take place on August 10th.

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