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    Dota fans can start booking their days off work for later in the year, as Valve has announced The International 2016, which will run from August 8th through the 13th. Like recent years, the main event will take place at Seattle's KeyArena basketball stadium, with the qualifiers being held several months earlier starting on June 21st 2016.

    The sale and use of tickets is changing once again this year, with two different ticket types now being made available: $75 "Midweek" and $100 "Finals", which give viewers access to KeyArena on the first four and last two days of the event, respectively. Those looking to purchase Midweek tickets will also be able to watch the final two days from a large outdoor viewing area, with only those owning Finals tickets allowed inside on Friday and Saturday.

    Tickets for the event will go on sale via Ticketmaster in one week starting at the following times:
    In addition to enjoying the experience of just being at the event, visitors will also be in the running to receive unique in-game items should they be inside the arena at the time of First Blood each game. Each time a First Blood occurs, 500 random attendees will be given items, which will apparently appear as "visually-unique versions of this year's Secret Shop Immortals". Exciting times are ahead!
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    I'll be in foreign parts on holidays again. Valve really need to start scheduling The TI International around my timetable.
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