The G-Man's possible cut appearance in Half-Life

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    In today's article, we're going to talk about the G-Man's possible cut appearance in Half-Life.

    In the chapter "We've Got Hostiles", there is a locked security booth at the beginning. Here, a panicked scientist pounds on the window of the booth and screams at the security guard inside to have him open the door to the silo complex, allowing them to escape. Before the guard can react, he's grabbed and killed by a zombie that emerged from an air duct behind him. Shocked, the scientist runs into a nearby laser mine and dies in the explosion. The player must find another way to get inside the booth and open the door.

    In this scene, there is an entity manager named "beatglass" to trigger the scripted lines spoken by the scientist. This manager also triggers an entity named "gmanlook", which is not present in the map. The same entity name is used for a scripted sequence performed by the G-Man in another map. It is possible that the G-Man was intended to appear in the booth instead of a security guard. The name might also refer to "glassman", which is the internal entity name given to the scientist but the evidence suggests otherwise. Assuming our speculation is correct, the G-Man would ignore the scientist's request and not open the door, leading to the same fate.



    classname: multi_manager
    targetname: beatglass
    c1a3_sci_silo1a: 0.1
    gmanlook: 4
    c1a3_sci_silo2a: 5.5


    classname: scripted_sequence
    targetname: gmanlook
    m_iszEntity: gman
    m_iszPlay: idlebrush

    The original scene (video)


    The same scene with the G-Man (video)



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