• "The Art of Portal 2" Book

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    Valve and Dark Horse are teaming up again, but this time they are working on The Art of Portal 2. This is a 184-page hardcover book that features lots of concept art, character renderings, and comments from some of the developers on the game.


    The Art of Portal 2 will be released October 31 of this year, and no price has been set as of yet. But given the quality of their last book The Sacrafice and Other Steam-Powered Stories, this one will be worth any price.

    Kotaku has a couple of other exclusive images, so head on over to their site to view them all.


Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. kupocake
    Instant Purchase. Darkhorse's Art books are well put together (and as a bonus, they go out of print slowly), and, well, it's Portal 2

    Will go nicely with my collection: