Featured TF2 "Meet Your Match" Update - Day 2 (Meat vs. Match)

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    Well, this was unexpected. It's been 7 years since Team Fortress 2 played host to all-out class warfare, but it would now seem the winner of 2007's WAR Update is fueling a brand new conflict - this time between the Pyro and the Heavy. The origins of this particular war, known as "Meat vs. Match", are unraveled in a new comic, showing the Heavy breaking into one of the Administrator's compounds to demand more weapons, only to have been beaten there by the Pyro.

    Like the previous WAR Update between the Soldier and the Demoman, points earned in-game will be used as votes contributing to either Team Heavy or Team Pyro. However, unlike the previous update, it seems all points earned will contribute to whichever team a player sides with, regardless of whether they're playing as or killing the Heavy or Pyro. Whichever team has earned the most points at the end of an undisclosed period of time will be declared the winner, with the winning class set to receive new achievements, new weapons, and new balancing tweaks in a future update.

    While this all sounds very exciting, it should be noted that while Demoman players permanently lost out last time around (and good riddance to 'em), this particular competition is seemingly only a race to see which of the Heavy or Pyro will get their own update first, making the whole thing seem a tad pointless. Now, watch the Spy do his thing.

    Regardless, the rest of the Meet Your Match update will introduce four new taunts, the return of Class Starter Packs, and the introduction of new crates for hats and strange-quality weapons. More specific details of the two-part Meet Your Match update are available now the update has been fully released, so check them out while you wait for the patch to download!
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    Who knew the Sandvich could get dogs to teamswitch?

    There are a lot of rebalances here, but as a medic player... all mediguns now give the Quick Fix patient speed, which probably includes rocket/sticky jumps? Dayum.

    Is Meet your Match a game mode, or just the name that encompasses all these items?

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