• TF2 Halloween Event Begins: Scream Fortress (+F2P Stats)

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Oct 28, 2011.


    The third annual TF2 Scream Fortress event has begun, running from today through to November 6th. Expect the usual additions but also expect much more as the TF2 team prepares to out-do themselves once again!
    From playing this morning I have found you can be teleported to 'Loot Island' from a vortex which opens at a certain point (from Monoculus) where players need to make a dash to the bombinomicon to retrieve the badge.
    In other news courtesy of Eurogamer, they quote Gabe Newell from a recent tech event saying that TF2 has received a 5 times increase in playerbase since it went 'Free 2 Play' with "20 to 30 percent conversion rate of people who are playing those games who buy something."
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. <RJMC>
    its me or is the demoman getting a lot of protagonism in the comics?
  2. blackout
    he's scottish
  3. ríomhaire
    He was in the comic for his own update and this one. He wasn't even in the Mac update comic or the Replay update comic which focused on a bunch of classes. I don't see how he's being overrepresented. If it's anyone it's the Soldier. He was a major character in the War comic, the Mac comic, the Director Comic, the Dr. Grordbort's comic and this comic.
  4. <RJMC>
    its just that hes the character who has more background shown in the comics imo,his parents,his childhood,while the others dont
  5. blackout
    thread is this | | close to being derailed, so in that spirit: who else was dissapointed by loot island's 'reward'??
  6. Hectic Glenn
    Yeah I was, I literally got the eye and badge within 5 minutes of playing! I won't be spending money on keys for the new Halloween cauldron or other items, so I feel like I've completed this halloween challenge already! Killing the HHH with a melee attack took me a much longer time.
  7. blackout
    you don't need keys for the cauldron
  8. ríomhaire
    Every TF2 character's backstory is just running gags TBH, for the Demoman it's his childhood and his mother being obsessed with jobs. His original bio for Meet the Demoman is even about his childhood. For the Sniper it's his parents' disapproval which comes up in Meet the Sniper, the Sniper Vs Spy update (the postcards) and the Meet the Director comic. For the Soldier it's that he's batshit crazy.
  9. Au-heppa
    Yeah, I am kind of disappointed with this whole update, as I was actually looking forward to it.

    The Mann Manor with The Horseless Headless Horseman was just so much better and so much more fun. With the Horseman if it started to follow you you could try to get it to the enemy's base and **** their shit up. The eye in the other hand is just a hovering enemy that shoots random crit rockets. The Horseman was also a lot nicer visually with all the animations and sounds. Even the pumpking "hat" you got from killing it was a lot nicer looking than the round eye. Even more the Mann Manor was just so much better map for a boss fight thing, since the area where it could go was a lot bigger, and it had a bigger impact on trying to capture the point.

    The only problem I had with the Mann Manor was the random gifts and how a lot of people would just idle on the gift spots as Scouts.
  10. Overwatch Sector
    Soldier and demoman are just the most spoiled classes in TF2. I know demoman has a lot of backstory but soldier get so many rocket launchers and Demoman has a ton of melee weapons.

    And apparently, Engineer finally got an item set with those costume pieces, but other than that, no other item sets for engineer.
  11. Adabiviak
    I'm glad they made one (wasn't sure if they would for a while). I think the eyeball is a hoot.
  12. Acepilotf14
    Got several of the items. I would be more inclined to get them if they were permanently equippable. Maybe something to do with the haunted ones?
  13. ríomhaire
    Well I like to console myself with the fact that the Engineer has the consistently best unlocks. They're all actually useful unlike everyone else who has a bunch of crap plus one or two good ones.
    I only dislike how it says the eyeball left to haunt another server. Yet we never had a partially weakened one come to ours. Damn liars.

    But it's going to be a great few Halloweeny days regardless.