Steam Lunar New Year Sale Begins - Feb 5th thru 12th

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    Despite the fact the Steam Winter Sale only ended a month ago, Valve are already whipping out a brand new set of deals in the "Lunar New Year Sale". The week-long event features the now-standard Daily Highlighted Deals and around 9,000 titles currently on sale, with this sale in particular featuring a heavy focus on tags and filters.

    The huge success of the discovery queue during the Winter Sale has likely influenced the Lunar New Year Sale's themed storyline which sees users attempt to guide a Monkey back home to his family using a number of multi-choice answers to scenarios. Depending on the answer given (such as Swim, Drive, Pirates, or Ninjas), users will be taken to pages featuring specific themes and tags based on that topic. The "story" will then continue throughout various tagged pages before eventually reaching its conclusion, with several established Steam characters making cameo appearances along the way.

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    It may be a surprise to see a major Steam Sale hit again this soon, but that doesn't our wallets are allowed to rest!
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    maybe state Zen...

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