• Steam Holiday Sale Now On - Up to 80% Off

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Dec 23, 2009.


    Well the sales have come a little earlier this year, but my word...there are some incredible deals to feast your eyes on! Visit the Steam store page now.
    There will be special daily sales too and today there are amazing savings to be had!
    • Battlefield 2 - ?3.75
    • Borderlands - ?20.09
    • Red Faction Guerilla - ?8.74
    • Resident Evil 5 - ?14.99
    There is also the unreal pack, atari games, eidos pack, THQ pack, Rockstar collection, 2k games, ubisoft games & major indie titles.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Warped
    Got Zombie Driver for $2.50. looks like a fun quick game
  2. G-Dub
    Going to get Dead Space.

    Wanted to get that when it came out. For £5.09 I can't turn it down!
  3. ZT
    Oddly pleased with DoD. Maybe it's the Old-Source look nostalgia, maybe it's the $2.50.
  4. TwwIX
    Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box finally got a price reduction. I needs me a fun racer.
    The one that came with the THQ pack bores me.
  5. Paulaner
    Question: is there a 1st person bonnet view in Burnout Paradise? I hate 3rd person view in racing games.
  6. TwwIX
    There is a hood view as far as i remember. It's been a while since i have tried the demo out though.
  7. StarBob
    DoD is a good time especially for that cheapnicity. I haven't played it for a while but I think I might sometime soon just to grab a BAR and tear up. Zombie Driver is like... Grand Theft Auto minus what little not-driving-over-people there was in it. That is fun.
  8. joule
    Prey has been replaced with Bioshock due to overwhelming sales and not enough keys to be supplied.
  9. dfc05
    Just curious, did anyone see what the deal on Prey was before they sold out?

    I saw a bunch of new boxed versions of it at Half Price Books for about $5 which I was thinking of getting, but I figured it would go on sale on Steam. Didn't realize it would sell out though! I didn't even know it was possible to sell out on Steam.
  10. TwwIX

    It was $2.50
  11. dfc05
    Ah, thanks.

    I totally would've bought that.
  12. ZT
    Prey sold out? Prey?
  13. Paulaner
    The power of sales. People buy everything.
  14. TwwIX
    Ahh, but the power of cheese is mightier.
  15. chimpmunk
    Got Bioshock. I'm stacking up on games for the rest of the year.
  16. Absinthe
    Oh no! He bought Bioshock for about the price of a pack of cigarettes!

  17. Adabiviak
    So I'm not very familiar with the Unreal games... only played 'The Awakening', which I enjoyed thoroughly. I understand another of the releases has a single-player campaign. Which is that, and is it included in the Unreal package available on Steam?
  18. Barnz
    I'm sure cigarette is better for him, and his health.
  19. chimpmunk
    How about that: I'll smoke a cigarette while playing Bioshock. :thumbs:
  20. ZT
    Boo, I wanted the entire company of Hero's pack to be super cheap. :p

    Anyone know if only the first is worth buying? Or if the expansions suck?
  21. Qonfused
    Yeah I know.
  22. TheOneFreeMan
    Yup. All 5 copies they set aside.

    I was surprised too.
  23. TwwIX

    I have them all. The original game and Opposing Fronts are great games and worth the full price.
    Tales of Valor is not. It's just a few campaigns, that's it. It should have been offered for free imo.
    Oh, and it adds direct firing the units. Whoopee!
  24. ZT
    Hmm, might buy the gold pack. Comes with CoH and OF.
  25. simonjedi
    New Deals:

    Fifa manager 2010
    Max Payne 1/2
    Civ IV
    Civ IV : Beyond the sword
    Civ IV : Colonisation

    I'm Quite tempted by the Civ IV games. Are they good?
  26. dfc05
    Oh crap, I was just thinking of getting Max Payne when I saw a used copy for $4 on Sunday. Then I thought, "Eh, it'll probably be $2.50 on Steam." That was also when I saw Prey and figured it'd be on sale on Steam, and then it went on sale the next day. It's like they're reading my mind. This is kinda weirding me out.

    The crappy thing is, I'm less tempted to buy things when they're on Steam. Before this, I never believed those people who say that going to a store and physically holding items makes you buy more. But it really does.

    I'm hoping Company of Heroes will go on sale for cheaper though. Like $4.99. Maybe if we all collectively wish for it, it will happen.
  27. ZT
    Never played the Max Payne games.
  28. StarBob
    I experience the opposite. When I have to buy tangibles, the idea of taking it to a register and actually spending money on it makes me not want to buy it. That's why I mostly buy things online including Steam games. Probably also why I've spent something like $80 on games so far in this sale.

    Today I already have most of the games that are there. I figure I could pick up Civ4...
  29. joule
  30. chimpmunk
    Civ IV is very good. It improves on many points from the older games:
    -Other nations now have to declare war to cross your border (finally!).
    -Government is now managed kinda like the social engeneering screen of Alpha Centauri (So you can have a planned economy democratic state or a capitalist police state).
    -Religions now play a role in the game.
    -Corporations too (with the expensions).
    -Ennemies no longer attack your tanks with spearmen (well, not as often anyways).

    It's really an amazing game, prepare for sleepless nights (because you'll keep telling yourself "one last turn!").
  31. Letters
    You gotta be mother****ing kidding me...

    I just bought Civ IV Beyond the Sword last night, and today I could have gotten it for half the price or with the other two expansions for the same price.

    **** me.
  32. StarBob
    That's why I'm not buying anything that isn'e on the daily sale until the last day. Of course, by then I'm sure everything I would have wanted will have already been on the sale. Maybe MW2 will come up for like $2 and I'll buy that...
  33. Paulaner
    Patiently waiting for Command & Conquer 3.
  34. Sheepo
    Will probably get Max Payne. No one has any excuse not to get Osmos right now.
  35. kupocake
    A late, reply to this... but the other true Single-Player game there is 'Unreal Gold' which should actually be the original 40-odd level game* and the 20-odd level expansion pack "Return to Na Pali" (Epic must have opted to not sell the expansion separately). They're solid FPS games of the pre-Half-Life era with pretty rubbish weapons and hit and miss enemies, but since you actually enjoyed Unreal II you probably have an inhuman capacity for fun anyway :p

    There are "campaigns" in the UT games as well. The bots were always among the finest available, and there are far worse things you can play on your lonesome.

    * Unreal was a massive game on release, and it's obese by the size zero standards of the modern FPS. Frankly, they could have lost 1/3rd of the maps and no one would have noticed - both because there are almost too many gameplay hours in there and because at least 1/3rd of the game is an utterly forgettable mausoleum of uninspired design.

    So far, I've been an ultracheaparse and purchased Audiosurf (£1.50!) and Osmos (£1.39!). I missed about a week of the sales, so I'm not sure what I missed. I still don't own Left 4 Dead... but I'm really not that bothered about getting it even at the daily deal price.
  36. Warped
    Right now getting CivIV complete, Max pack, and Osmos

  37. Adabiviak
    Thanks Kupo. I'm in the process of downloading the Quake pack, Unreal pack, and some DLC for F.E.A.R. II: Project Origin. This is my first purchase by way of Steam.

    Was The Awakening generally regarded as a bad game? I loved it. I thought UT3 had the single player campaign, but I'll start with Gold. I'll certainly take a look at all of them when time permits though.
  38. kupocake
    The only shining review I ever saw was from PCZone UK, and I pretty much stopped taking them seriously after that (having called it the best FPS experience ever, they shortly didn't take themselves particularly serious either. It was dropped from their best of lists and they quietly lopped about 10% of the review score). It was technically impressive at the time, but that just sped its fall into obscurity once that had all fallen away.

    I can't imagine it's a game that would stand up to a modern playthrough. There were massive tradeoffs in level-design. The majority of missions felt like you were in a capture the flag map with a bunch of rubbish AI bots and in reality were no bigger than an average sized multiplayer map. It was a really poor, uninspired shooting gallery... one mission even had loading zones at either end of a straight corridor.

    Perhaps having played the original Unreal, even though it was never a favourite, made that all the worse. The weapons remained largely uninspirational, so another of the key mistakes weren't learned... and then the large, open areas that were the series' supposed selling point largely disappeared, and the striking, strict FPS storytelling was done away with (I hesitate to call it 'Half-Life style' because obviously it was invented much earlier, but you know what I mean).

    If there's one game Unreal II felt like to me, it was Halo, and when it came to consoles critics picked up on the similarities and savaged it. You just have these unconnected planetary areas in the plot and plenty of third-person cutscenes... the characters were a step in the right direction, but you just didn't care about the conflicts in the game between the main factions that were always just logo textures in the series up to then.
    Show Spoiler
    And the designers didn't care about the cast enough to let them survive the game intact, which was foolhardy rather than brave.

    Oh, but I'm telling you why a game that you played a while ago really wasn't that great and wondering why. Unreal II just bugged me for some reason. It was one of the first FPS series to cut its two new games into 'Multiplayer focused' and 'Singleplayer focused' under the guise of making the best experience possible, and I think people got sore that neither experience felt particularly great for double the price (the MP was of course, UT 2003, which doesn't even make the bundle, aside from bulking out UT2004's map directory).
  39. Warped
    2 mins till update can't wait!!! aaaannnnnd they suck today: