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steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll

Discussion in 'Game Modifications' started by mattnegline, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. mattnegline

    mattnegline Guest

    steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll

    this is such a joke.....a not very bloody funny joke!!!!

    I just bought this game the other day (Half life 2)
    took a rostered day off to play it
    then I get
    steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll
    I scanned for viruses, spy ware, ad ware
    I turned off my firewall
    turned off my virus protection
    turned of spy ware
    turned off adaware
    I don’t have any other guardian progs
    deleted that blob file people have been talking about
    installed steam from website and I get
    another error problem with "8e8"....that is only a fraction of what I can remember from the pop up that comes up.

    I have Pent 4 2.8
    2 gig ram
    256 6600 geforce vid card
    not that this is going to bloody help at all
    I paid a lot of money for a product that I have to configure, problem solve alter files delete files & bend over backwards.

    I thought gaming was supposed to be fun?????
    Can someone ease my frustration?

    cheers Matt
  2. 63

    63 Newbie

    Restart steam, restart your computer... I get this problem every so often, always resolves itself.
  3. Inu Yasha

    Inu Yasha Guest


    Sorry to bump, but...
    I have this problem as well and it won't go away, Can anyone help.
  4. Zunni

    Zunni Newbie

  5. Inu Yasha

    Inu Yasha Guest

  6. TigerStar

    TigerStar Newbie

    Pah, you expect the assholes at valvE to reply to an email for help? Buaha.. That's a good one. I've never gotten this error but once, and that was because our internet was down.
  7. berrs001

    berrs001 Guest

    Peer guardian

    I had this problem too. If you are using peerguardian check that it is not blocking any of the IP's that valve/steam uses. You can either allow each one individually or disable PG for a short period.
  8. berrs001

    berrs001 Guest

    I had this problem too. If you are using peerguardian check that it is not blocking any of the IP's that valve/steam uses. You can either allow each one individually or disable PG for a short period.
    Edit/Delete Message
  9. trent_bob

    trent_bob Guest


    me and my roomate and another guy I know get this problem everyday... sometimes it won't connect for a day... i went as far as re-formatting windows and only installing steam and it didn't help....

    anyone has any info let me know
  10. Althaeraeon

    Althaeraeon Guest

    I am officially beyond furious.

    I read on this board on another thread that google search brought up that the issue could be alleviated by simply reinstalling steam. So I uninstalled steam.

    What's this? It took Half Life, Portal, HL2 Ep1, HL2 Ep2, and TFT with it!

    I popped in the Orange Box to reinstall and I get this stupid ****ing "Steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library Steam.dll" bullshit.



    Someone please find out how to fix this crap... :(

    PS... I finally understand why this German kid is so upset in this... he has Steam.

    PPS: I have followed the instructions from this page: http://support.steampowered.com/cgi-bin/steampowered.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=261

    Still getting this error.
  11. Andrewz21

    Andrewz21 Guest

    what the **** valve

    same problem here guys..this is ****ing retarded. i tried reinstalling steam like 12 times, nothing..turned off firewall and all that shit, nothing..deleted steam reg files, nothing..i don't really know what to do, i check out some other 'help' pages and those pussies just say, "oh you have a bad steam file, just try another reinstall". so pissed
  12. Dodo

    Dodo Tank

    wouldnt it help if you delete steam.dll, and restart steam. that way the next time you start it up it will have to redownload a new (maybe working) steam.dll, maybe this helps, im not sure.

  13. Andrewz21

    Andrewz21 Guest

    that's the problem. i guess when it is updating, it's actually downloading the latest Steam.dll, as it doesn't install Steam.dll from the dvd
  14. Andrewz21

    Andrewz21 Guest

    if someone could post the original Steam.dll file it would be appreciated
  15. Andrewz21

    Andrewz21 Guest

    never mind the previous post. i got the steam.dll file via google, but then it asked for the steamui.dll file, so i downloaded that file as well, put it in the steam folder but it still says unable to load SteamUI.dll. Back to square one..
  16. Venefyxatu

    Venefyxatu Guest

    I had this problem too. In my case it was my firewall blocking Steam. A quick search learned me that the following ports need to be open :

    TCP Ports : 27020-27050
    UDP Ports : 1200,27000-27015

    That's a whole lot more ports than I like to see open, but hey ... at least it works.

    *mumble, mutter, grumble*
  17. Thanks.. resolved :thumbs:
  18. Dyer_

    Dyer_ Newbie

    Allow ports on Vista

    Hi same problem for me.

    How can i enable this ports on Vista???Please
  19. Cyberdave

    Cyberdave Newbie

    I had the same problem and found this thread on google.
    Turns out the problem was peer guardian as someone mentioned so thanks!
    I put the PG2 window up and watched what happened when I tried to use Steam.
    A number of sites including Valve and LimeLightNetworks were being blocked. Just unblocking the ip in PG didnt help so I shut it down and was able to get access.
    But yea steam sucks.
  20. attasbank

    attasbank Newbie

    I searched for this problem in google and found this page which helped me in post #15 by Andrewz21
    I found out Steam did not install steam.dll so i downloaded the missing .dll file and placed it on C:\Program Files\Steam
    And now it works!!!!

    If you want to download steam.dll then go to:

  21. tiwerd

    tiwerd Newbie

    behind proxy and web filter etc

    Vista Business Edition w/SP1: Unable to Load Library Steam.dll
    In my case I was trying to install Steam behind a corporate Proxy. I made sure that I was on a VLAN that was not being (web) filtered by changing my IP to one on a static range that was not filtered. Next I opened IE to an external site that poked a hole in the proxy. I double-checked and found that Vista's firewall was turned on with no effect on Steam. Next I was able to open Steam and it was able to connect to it's servers and get the updated .dll, logged into Steam and entered my license key for F.E.A.R.2 woot! :cool:
  22. Dr@gontunter

    Dr@gontunter Newbie

    i have same problem firstly than i download steam and install it. it bemoan to me some mistake like steam.dll

    Then i downloaded file steam.dll added in steam folder and trying again, then it bemoan some steamUI.dll it lack.

    i downloaded and added in steam folder. then i start steam icon and it start updating and again that f*****g "steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library SteamUI.dll"
  23. antreas9

    antreas9 Newbie

    windows XP, SP2, but my laptop is the business laptop (so i dont have any access to ports etc).
    I tried to install steam, and i got the classic message:
    "unable to load library steam.dll"

    i downloaded and placed it in the folder of steam, and i got another message:
    "unable to load library steamUI.dll, win32"bla bla...
    i downloaded and placed it in the folder of steam, and i got the same message.

    Do you have any suggestions?
  24. darklord27

    darklord27 Newbie

    i have the same problem aswell, even after i connected directly to the port
  25. Rostik1010

    Rostik1010 Newbie

    Agree, i got the same problem with serious sam HD,
  26. Link

    Link Tank

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