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Steam error: Not enough disk space

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by DevgruSeal, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. DevgruSeal

    DevgruSeal Newbie

    I just installed Windows 7, and my steam folder is on a different drive. I just moved from XP, so I downloaded the installer, and installed to the same directory all the steam files are.

    It boots up, but every time steam starts, it tells me, "You do not have enough disk space available to run this game. Please free up some disk space and then try again."

    The thing is, I'm not trying to run a game, I'm starting up steam. I have ~12GB free on that particular drive.

    I never got this error on XP.

    Any ideas? I've already deleted clientregistry.blob. No dice.
  2. Damic

    Damic Spy

    how much space is there left on the windows partition?
  3. DevgruSeal

    DevgruSeal Newbie

    About 40 or so...

    Regardless, I solved the problem myself. It turns out, there was a lot of ownership and permission conflicts. I had to disable UAC, go in and recursively change all the subdirectories to have the same permissions as the steam folder (Thus adding the Users and Administrator groups to full control)

    This UAC thing is still a giant pain in my ass. It kept screaming "Access Denied" when I tried to recursively change the permissions of a parent folder and its children, despite the fact I am its owner (either directly or through the Administrators group)
  4. Kyzr

    Kyzr Spy

    And I thought windows 7 was going to be different...

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