Steam Community Updates Add Artwork to Game Hubs and New Workshop Features

Discussion in 'News' started by ríomhaire, Mar 5, 2013.

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    The Steam Community got a few updates yesterday. The first is an update to the Steam Workshop that adds a few new features. On the user side there are two new tabs for each Workshop item: Discussions and Change Notes. Both of these tabs are exactly what they say: Discussions act much like they do in the Steam Game Hubs and on Steam Greenlight and provide a forum for users to talk about a particular Workshop item and Change Notes tell users when the item was altered by the creator, who can add details of what the update included if they wish. There is also a general discussion forum for the whole of the Workshop now.

    On the creator side content creators can now get detailed stats on the number of users who have viewed, rated, favourited and subscribed to their items including graphs of the number of subscribed users for games that support subscribing to maps and mods.

    The second update is beta update to the Steam Community as a whole. It is not viewable in the Steam Client yet but can be seen simply by logging into your profile on the Steam Community website. The Community home page has changed from showing recent friend activity (which has been moved to its own page) to showing the current top rated screenshots, videos, workshop items, news, guides and artwork from across all Steam games. Which brings us onto the second new Steam Community feature: Artwork. Users will now be able to upload images of their own creation to Steam Game Hubs to show off their artistic talents. Right now the feature is only available for Valve's own games but to get the ball rolling they've uploaded a few pieces of concept art for most of their Source Engine games.

    As always you can give feedback to Valve on these changes in the Steam Community Beta Group.
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    Can't wait to look at some cool fan art later today!

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