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Discussion in 'Team Fortress' started by tornados2111, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. tornados2111

    tornados2111 Newbie

    I have a Nvidia 9800gt video card, a good while ago I started geting these white lines in source engine games such as counter strike source, team fortress 2 and half life 2. Specifically white lines when I look at for example stairs, I am the same hight as one of the steps so on that step, since the step is exatly the same height i know that wen i look at the step behind it there is a texture, thats where the white lines appear, this probably makes no sence so here are some screenshots http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596941143010705795/9164558ED6213D06FBEA5251FCBF152D37C33A6C/
    doesnt look like a big problem but its very noticable on my res. i have tried redownloading, reinstalling windows (7), trying other drivers which has helped slightly,and one thing that helped alot was turning AA on full, makes the line thinner, but i dont want to play with AA on full because my video card is not fit for that. The white lines flicker and move when changing the distance and viewing angle. Where its very noticable is in half life 2 when you are in the water, you float and the your eyes are exactly in line with the top of the water which makes a big white line all around you. Any help would be much appreciated, Any questions, please ask
  2. Higlac

    Higlac Companion Cube

    I'd like to think that it's caused by the game engine trying to draw a single pixel-width worth of the top of the step, or the top of the water. From the screenshots it doesn't appear to be too noticeable.
  3. tornados2111

    tornados2111 Newbie

    At the begining of september I will post more screenshots in half life 2, I still think its not supposed to be like that, maybe then you could judge it again, I have played on other rigs and not seen this effect, its especially noticable in water... But this also go to team fortress 2, theres water there aswell and sometimes in custom maps in css
  4. Damic

    Damic Spy

    Source engine problem, it did see it to today in TF2. and it was a whole line (100 till 200px) and I was spectating in stil mode. I came and did goes away and after a few seconds it came back and did go away.
  5. tornados2111

    tornados2111 Newbie

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/tabramski/screenshot/595822077633781580 scroll through and note that u can still see the while line(watch in full res, its a button on the right) and heres another 1 from tf2 http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595822077633328243/486BA3965C8B6917CAF36290F0182E4F9AAE325C/

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