• Source 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Prototype Screenshots Leaked

    Discussion in 'News' started by Omnomnick, Jan 27, 2014.

    Neogaf user "CBOAT" (crazy buttocks on a train) recently posted a thread highlighting a confidential PowerPoint presentation from Valve showing off the company's next-gen Source 2 engine using an updated Left 4 Dead 2 prototype. While we regularly don't post about idle speculation or rumours, CBOAT is well known for leaking confidential information to the public, and we believe it is very possible this presentation and the screenshots contained within it are official and are worth consideration.


    The first slide, shown above, features an updated version of the the Plantation level from Left 4 Dead 2 and highlights the significant increase in detail possible on the Source 2 engine, with noticeably enhanced foliage, large amounts of high quality destruction, and improved lighting and shadow effects. We have also been sent a high resolution copy of one of the screenshots shown in a separate slide, which you can check out below.


    While this slide alone is very interesting, the presentation actually features a total of 20 slides. Unfortunately, 13 of these slides remain obscured from view, so we're not entirely sure what they may be discussing.


    However, the other slides we can see discuss the improved technical improvements of the Source 2 engine. The following pair of slides highlight the enhanced lighting and detail shots from a distance, showing the significant improvement in detail over the old Source engine. The next two slides also focus on enhanced detail, showing a comparison between a porch in Left 4 Dead 2 in comparison to the unreleased Source 2 prototype. While Slide 19 appears to feature little more than the Valve logo, a partially obscured Slide 20 does provide some details about the "Redesigned Tools & Workflow" available with Source 2. This slide in particular is certain to get the mapping community excited.

    Only the first four lines of the slide are visible, which you can check out in the quotation box below.
    While we unfortunately cannot make out the rest of those lines, the mention of a graphic user interface and the improved compiler alone should be enough to excite fans (and enemies) of the Hammer Editor. This isn't quite the reveal of Left 4 Dead 3 or Half-Life 3, but we should stress that this build of Left 4 Dead 2 is most likely simply a test bed for Valve to work on developing additional functionality for their new engine. Regardless, it is certainly interesting to get our first look at Valve's next-generation engine, even if it is widely believed to be three years old. Since the initial leak, sources claim the PowerPoint presentation was actually made in 2011, which means this sneak peak is likely to be far older and less of a good representation than we originally thought. Still, colour us excited.

    As always, we'll keep you posted on all the latest Source 2 news as it comes in.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Omnomnick, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. HobbyPsychopath
    dear mother of god ... this is epic.
    :notworthy: PRAISE LORD GABEN! :notworthy:
  2. Counter-Life™
    My god...it looks awesome...if it's real...VALVe pls make HL3 on Source 2!
  3. Codee212
    Browser for quickly finding, managing, editing assets.
    Pretty sure that's what it says.
    Looks pretty neat, I just wonder how he got hold of the presentation.
  4. El_Calhau
    I don't quite believe that this is legit yet, not even if that guy is considered a pro leaker or whatever
  5. Dr. House
    First game on Source 2 is... L4D2.... it must be true they can't count to three
  6. Easimer
    Nothing stops the hype train!
  7. El_Calhau
    and where did this come from
  8. El_Calhau
    where the hell do this guys get all this shit from, considering it is legit
  9. Aizawa
    rebuilt L4D2 map. Does that mean they ported L4D2 to Source 2 and remade the map and uhh, I dont know, just think maybe when they make something brand new with Source 2 it might even look better.
    Anyway, if they show this, the announcment cant be far away.
  10. JossiRossi
    Pretty sure they remade it from scratch. Taking the old map and updating it would actually likely take longer than just doing it new, with all the new tools.
  11. Toyoka
    I think the small text says "Can be easily integrated with custom and in-game tools." Which would make sense considering the GUI is basically just tools, and is probably images which can be edited. I could also be completely wrong, but it seems like that's what it says (considering the length of words and stuff).
  12. Omnomnick
  13. SpotEnemyBoats
    It's better that way, knowing simplying porting maps to the new engine's causes issues (AI and lighting issues). See HL1:S and orange box ports of HL2 and episode one.

    It's good they avoided that.
  14. Omnomnick
    But who said this map will ever be released? It is entirely possible the map was developed as a test bed for the real Left 4 Dead 3 and, dare I say it, Half-Life 3.
  15. D4rw1N
    #3 Are you serious? Of course HL3 is gonna be made on the Source 2 engine, it'd be retarded not to...
  16. -smash-
    Okay now leak a HL3 screenshot, plz, Valve.
  17. -smash-

  18. Rengarious
    Oh my god. It's happening isn't it? Gonna get hyped up with this now -

    !!!!! Can't wait to see more =D
  19. Counter-Life™
    Do you guys think that the Engine will be like "fully dynamic", similar to CryEngine? You know, completely dynamic lightning and stuff.
  20. Toyoka

    It is already semi/sort-of dynamic, as far back as Portal 2 with texture projection (even further back to Orange Box with dynamic lighting props, and primitive texture projection which was later reworked for Portal 2). Granted it's very limited (only one PTexture can be active at a time; heavy real-time processing on the engine as well) but we'll likely see improvements in that respect and much more, I assure you. Otherwise, the wait would be quite disappointing.
  21. SpotEnemyBoats

    Probably, but remember that L4D2 ported all the maps from L4D1 so it is possible they'll remake the maps for L4D3.
  22. Omnomnick
    I meant "just" as a test bed, aka never being released. It is also possible that they'll do a re-release or a major update, but we'll see.
  23. pokenow123
    [IMG]Here's a screenshot of the "big house" in Left 4 Dead 2 (in Source 1) :D
  24. MindCrack
    I was waiting for this day for 3 years.
  25. -smash-
  26. pyth
  27. -smash-
    Thanks for that!
  28. Omnomnick
    Yeah, thanks! I've updated both images with the improved resolution versions.
  29. BabyHeadCrab

    obligatory. cool stuff though.

    Whilst they're at it remake the maps of Half Life2 and proper VR support for the game, and I'll have to replay the game another 50 times

    Regarding GDC what is QuickHull and what purpose does it serve in games?
  31. The Heavynator™
    just think source 1 can still do this
  32. Toyoka
    I was close!
  33. MFL
    There goes the server. Been awhile since I've seen this many staff on at once. If the site goes down, can you keep the Twitter updated, please?
  34. ukuuku

    you don't have to thank me.
  35. MFL
    Two options, either that's legit, or someone took a lot of time to render that level.
  36. ukuuku
    Presentation PowerPoint is from 2011 by the way. Filelist is legit.