Featured Sixth Annual Saxxy Awards Announced

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    In typical August fashion, Valve have recently announced the Sixth Annual Saxxy Awards, the annual TF2 and Valve-themed film making competition. This year's event is basically identical to the one held last year, featuring a total of six categories and the same exciting prizes. This year's categories are listed below:
    • Best Action
    • Best Drama
    • Best Comedy
    • Best Short
    • Best Extended
    • Best Overall
    All videos submitted are limited to a duration limit of 3 minutes, except for those in the "Best Short" and "Best Extended" categories, which are limited to 1 and 5 minutes, respectively. Saxxy winners will receive a rare "Saxxy" weapon for use in Team Fortress 2 while "Best Overall" winners will also be given the chance to fly to Seattle for a free tour of Valve's current studios.

    Voting for this year's competition begins on November 11th and lasts 5 days until November 16th. Winning videos will then be revealed by Valve on November 18th. Only video submissions made between November 4th and 11th will be eligible, so make sure you pay attention to this rule alongside several other important ones if you're looking to take part! Happy Filmmaking.
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