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SDK soon yay!

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by Maxi, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Maxi

    Maxi Tank

    HAH i knew they were being sued by Havaoc!
  2. Mr.Reak

    Mr.Reak Newbie

    Well, that mother ****er hacker did a lot of damage. Still, good to hear SOME good news about SDK :)

    P.S. I predict some idiot comes here and says “I don’t care about HL2 anymore”. Just watch.


    Time to get my mod site and .Dev up and running :)
  4. Shuzer

    Shuzer Newbie

    I don't care about HL3 anymore.

    oh, wait, HL2, my bad, jk :)

    Anyhow, yay. SDK soon = HL2 soon? hey.. wait.. why's this in off-topic?
  5. Hmmmm... Ray Ellis isn't the person who has control over it... Chris Bokitch is, unless I'm very much mistaken. If the SDK is coming soon, well then :D
  6. Jhahn2k4

    Jhahn2k4 Guest

    SDK!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I cant wait!!1one
  7. Shuzer

    Shuzer Newbie

    You destroyed your credibility by calling Rick Ellis "Ray Ellis" :) lol
  8. Eep :p

    I've always called him Ray :eek:

    Maybe thats why he stopped returning my calls ;(
  9. Mr.Reak

    Mr.Reak Newbie

    Also, I think Valve doesn’t need to release any dates when SDK due to public, but instead just freaking release it, as a surprise!
  10. Ummm... how soon is soon? :)
  11. Dr. Freeman

    Dr. Freeman Newbie


    of all the times pple post the wrong topic in the HL2 General Discussion, this is a rare time when a HL2 related topic is in the wrong place :LOL:

    hehe well its good hearing something related to HL2 is close to release.. hmm.. maybe this will speed up the progress of some of the HL2 mods in the works.. and possibly we can see them a bit sooner than we thought.. :dork:
  12. creationist

    creationist Newbie

    what does skd stand fur
  13. OMFG... i neeeed the sdk! i want the SDK more than the game! Screw the game, just gimme the damn sdk!
  14. Shuzer

    Shuzer Newbie

    Software Development Kit
  15. what does the sdk include? like all the models in the game? anything like that?
  16. We really dont know but it will be something like the HL1 sdk :)
  17. ray_MAN

    ray_MAN Tank

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank God! This is great! My MOD shall begin!
  18. We do, it's the code basically, but without the engine itself, so you can't add DX10 effects etc...
  19. mrchimp

    mrchimp Newbie

    Isn't this in the wrong forum?
  20. The Dark Elf

    The Dark Elf Newbie

    woohoo, great news. Hwre's hoping its soon as in soon soon.
  21. thehunter1320

    thehunter1320 Newbie

    NO!!!!!!!!! don't start up the hype machine again!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Dr. Freeman

    Dr. Freeman Newbie

    too late..

    /me train master's voice all aboard!!!

    destination: February 2004 SDK release party :cheers:
  23. thehunter1320

    thehunter1320 Newbie

    N000000!!!!!11 I've failed the HL2 community.... i've failed... i'm srry,

    *thehunter1320 jumps off a cliff

    [reason=failed]*thehunter1320 dies[/cliff]
  24. SDK!!!11 Let's just hope this isn't bink-movies-"soon", but a real soon
  25. OK people. I've emailed Gabe asking if this is true, and if he can give a date.

    If it is, and we have a definate, it gets a new post on the main page. :)
  26. Maxi

    Maxi Tank

    YAY!!!1one MAIN PAGXXZZ0RS!!!!11one
  27. Letters

    Letters Tank

    Hot damn! I need to finish me website before soon!
  28. simmo

    simmo Newbie

  29. The Dark Elf

    The Dark Elf Newbie

    *bounces around like a bunny with its tail in the soup of the day*

    Great stuff!
  30. Hmmm this doesnt make me all exited... Wait I already am? Nah Im looking forward (alot) for the release of HL² but this news is nothing that makes me freak... It is nice to hear that the legal issues have been resolved though, and they have time to worry about other things. :)
  31. DimitriPopov

    DimitriPopov Newbie

    PS- Big middle finger to Havoc for suing Valve. GG.
  32. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    they did?...........
  33. Jmechy

    Jmechy Newbie

    if it was LEGAL issues preventing the sdk release, it might have been with softimage trying to figure out how to get a free XSI included... just my 2 cents
  34. SidewinderX

    SidewinderX Newbie

    This is great!.... (and I moved this to general discussion....)
  35. Chris-008

    Chris-008 Newbie

    this is great! does it include multiple shiny objects?
  36. Shuzer

    Shuzer Newbie

    Only 1 shiny object, sadly =(

    Anyhow, they wouldn't release the SDK too far behind HL2, would they? The SDK isn't all that exciting to me (I don't know how to program.. I need to learn though lol), but, yeah
  37. The Dark Elf

    The Dark Elf Newbie


  38. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    Woo, this is great news. Although the Valve definition of Soon is probably slightly different to our definition.

    It would be great if they just surprised us by releasing it suddenly, like they did with that video showing off the DX9 effects in Source.
  39. Shuzer

    Shuzer Newbie

    I was joking around.. I don't think he was referring to shiny objects SDK-to-game wise, but, shiny objects as in physical shiny objects

    if that made any sense.. lol
  40. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    Ha, I can't believe this was posted in Off Topic and moved to Half-Life 2 discussion. That sort of thing never used to happen. I remember the days when people used to try to avoid posting in Off Topic for all sorts of stupid reasons.

    "Which do you prefer, Coke or Pepsi? This isn't off-topic because there are soft drink cans in Half-Life 2, you forum Nazis."

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