S.T.A.L.K.E.R. movie link here... for those wanting to see a HL2 killer

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    Q: What requirements S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will have?
    A: The minimal specifications for the game are:
    P3-600 MHz/Athlon, 128 Mb RAM, GeForce 2 64 Mb (or analog).

    Recommended specifications:
    P3-1 GHz/Athlon, 256 Mb RAM, GeForce 3 64 Mb (or analog).
    The peculiarities of hardware market for PC have set the following pattern for games: the weaker is the computer and the older is the video board, the less detailed game world and less effects the player can obtain. The more powerful computer and video board the player has, the greater detailing and more eye candy he can get. But in both of the options, no gameplay differences are imposed.
    Video board generations GeForce 2, GeForce 3, GeForce 4, GeForce FX and their analogues have drastic differences, as in architecture, so as in possibilities. That's why, the more technologically advanced video board you have, the more visual effects you can get. For example, effects based on pixel and vertex shaders can be seen only with boards starting from GerForce 3, such as beautiful water surfaces (pixel shaders). On GeForce 2 you will have water too, but that done only with an animated texture. Owners of GeForce FX class video boards will see dynamic light sources and soft (!) dynamic shadows, cast from everything onto everything (!), as well as bump-mapping on all the surfaces, which at least excels the technology of Doom 3. Players with video boards of the previous generations will see a simplified model of dynamic lighting and shadows, which, for instance, can be seen in PC version of Silent Hill 2.
    In the options menu you will see graphical settings you can adjust to attain a desired correlation of detailing and effects to performance, or, by pressing a correspondent key, you will let the game make the adjustment automatically.

    The whole world living its own life:

    Man-made calamity, corrupt nature, psychological and physical threats, anomalies, odd deadly phenomena, mutated creatures, stalkers, military cordons, scientific camps.
    Vast territory of the Zone.
    Absolute freedom of movement with imperceptible level loading.
    Dynamic day-night switching system
    Dynamic weather effects as rain, wind, fog, etc.
    Generation of events, tasks, artifacts
    Anomalous energy blowouts, peaks of anomalous activity, migrating anomalies.
    Anomalous areas
    Unique creatures and characters:

    Unique abilities of creatures as group intellect, telepathy, telekinesis etc.
    Behaviour and life simulation for creatures and characters.
    Characters and creatures move around under control of global intellect.
    Impressive script.
    Non-linear storyline.
    Several endings of the game.
    Events happening regardless of the player's actions.
    Game time system
    over 30 types of weapons
    Unique weapons and their influence on enemy.
    Weapon upgrades.
    Devices and protective suits.
    Trade in weapons, artifacts and equipment.

    300.000 - 3.000.000 polygons per frame
    Dynamic shadows and lighting
    Characters are correctly shaded by objects
    Powerful physics engine, i.e controlling vehicles, detailing objects, bullet ballistics, skeleton animation, etc.
    Realistic AI, i.e characters' behaviour is adequate to environment and events happening around. Soldiers patrol the Zone perimeter. Stalkers travel the Zone independently of the player collecting anomalous formations, trading, communicating and fighting. Mutants increase their population, migrate in Zone, eliminating stalkers, soldiers and each other.
    Motion capture animation
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    May 14, 2003
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    I dunno about killer :p. It'll definitely be a good game though. But HL2 still seems to captivate more.
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    Dude - check out the movies on their site... it looks way better than HL2 and the features... well HL2 doesnt come close.
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    I've seen the movies like a year ago, lol. It looks the same as HL2. The textures look really nice yeah, but they're basically gonna be good games, each of em.
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    HL2 doesnt come close in terms of list of features...
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    Oct 1, 2003
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    Jesus man, are you being paid to do this?
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    Jun 23, 2003
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    caught my eye, "with imperceptible level loading"
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    Stalker is not Half-Life 2 discussion. Moed to off-topic.
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    That's arguable, and there will undoubtably be people willing to argue against what you're saying. It's pretty rediculous to say that one will be better than the other. Neither are out in any shape or form that represents the final product. Don't be such a fanboy.

    These threads have been done many times before (ie stalker vs hl2, doom3 vs hl2) and they just spark arguments and eventually get closed to stop the flame war. If you're going to talk about another game at least do it in off-topic.

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