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[Release] Missing Information v1.4 --- Borealis and E3 Pres.

Discussion in 'Game Modifications' started by tundra_cool, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. ericms

    ericms Newbie

    It wasn't that bad... I thought it was sorta cool since I had never played the beta. It'd just be nice if you could figure out a way to unify all the different portions of the game, but I guess you're doing that now?
  2. Cargo Cult

    Cargo Cult Vortigaunt

    It doesn't matter what it looks like; it's still illegally distributed content from the leaked beta.
  3. hot564231

    hot564231 Newbie

    Oh boy here comes a 20 page debate :O
  4. hl2poo

    hl2poo Newbie

    didnt they get permission from valve?
  5. JNightshade

    JNightshade Newbie

    Exactly. So please, don't try to take them on- they have a trump card.


    Anyway, as a huge HL2 fanboy, I find those screenies sexy as hell :D
  6. CelNet

    CelNet Guest

    Me, too.
    When's the next release? =D
  7. LaCabra

    LaCabra Newbie

    When it's done or we've got a huge slab or final-quality gameplay.

    Also, ATTN: It is a common misconception that we have permission from Valve. We have no such thing, officially - but we know for sure that they are completely aware of the mod, and they have made no effort to shut us down or even discourage us. It's a fan mod, by huge fans, for huge fans, of the Half-Life series or we wouldn't put the huge amount of thought into seemingly obscure details that we do. I do, anyway.
  8. bigburpco

    bigburpco Tank

    I'm stupid, 'cause I don't even know how to get past Borealis. What do you do after you get the flare gun?

    And oh yeah, I can't get to the loading area for the Coastline level.
  9. LaCabra

    LaCabra Newbie

    Loading area, you have to kill the gunship. Just play those levels as they were played in the E3 vids.

    For the Borealis, there's probably a door you haven't tried judging from where you are.
  10. bigburpco

    bigburpco Tank

    Well, I killed the gunship but nothing happens after that.
  11. oik

    oik Spy

    Its not showing up on my games list after i installed it,nor is it in the source mods folder.Iv tryed reinstalling and restarting steam.anyone know what to do?
  12. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Throw yourself into the sea. I think.
  13. LaCabra

    LaCabra Newbie

    No, it should fade to black and change level after you destroy the gunship over the road.
  14. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    That didn't actually work on mine, and I remember someone telling me to throw myself into the sea? I can't even remember if it worked.
  15. kupocake

    kupocake Tank

    Nah, that's the trigger for the Zombie-Docks level. I'm pretty sure the trigger for the Gunship level is to shoot the gunship so that it nose-dives onto the road and explodes. That was what happened in the E3 2003 video to end the movie after all.
  16. XIII

    XIII Newbie

    can some1 give me a list of NPC that you can spawn in MI??
  17. I asked the same thing a while ago. Um, there's the usual npc's...then theres the combine assasin, which is like npc_combineassasin (spelling?). Theres the bullsquid, npc_bullsquid, theres the hound eye, npc_houndeye...theres probably others...
  18. stalkers, mortar and crab synths
  19. XIII

    XIII Newbie

    thx can you guys also give me the entity for them??

    also is there hydra?
  20. LaCabra

    LaCabra Newbie

    No hydra in the public release.
  21. LaCabra

    LaCabra Newbie


  22. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Noice! That houndeye looks excellent. How is the Borealis coming along?
  23. oik

    oik Spy

    where dose this go when i install it,it says its installing into my source mods....but its not in there,and its not in my games list..?
  24. kupocake

    kupocake Tank

    I like what this mod is doing, but I can't say it's making me miss the content we lost in Half-Life 2. A lot of the old level design, particuarly the skyboxes look horrid. I hope that once the initial conversion stage is other, you'll set off on creating a full-blown mod using the converted stuff as a base, and better realising what Valve had in mind. I'd imagine a "Missing Information v2" that stays in circulation with all the base material, and subsequent version being a full blown remake of that stuff :)

    edit: actually, to an extent I get the sense that "what this mod is doing" is partly to highlight to people that the Beta content wasn't worth all that much and to stop the whiners :)
  25. 99.vikram

    99.vikram Tank

    It was an excellent effort (albeit unfinished), very nostalgic, but that was about it.

    If this was how Valve released HL2 I would have cried for a month.

    Anyway, great job. :thumbs:
  26. hot564231

    hot564231 Newbie

    those look sexy! top job
  27. XIII

    XIII Newbie

    What's the hydra like ingame??

    is there like any videos of it?
  28. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    None of this makes me go "Oh, why did Valve cut it." Because I love HL2 the way it is and wouldn't change it for a second. This is mainly a really interesting thing to watch develop, and I bet it'll sure as hell be fun to play.
  29. BigBoss7556

    BigBoss7556 Newbie


    I agree with you that it will be fun to play as well. Though some of it makes me wonder why did Valve cut it but I mostly agree with you.
  30. Yeah, most of this was better left cut. Though I still miss the bullsquid, houndeye and the OICW (yeah, i know...the project was cancelled. But they don't make the SPAS-12 shotgun anymore either. Did that stop Valve from using it in HL2? No.)
  31. kupocake

    kupocake Tank

    That's besides the point. The OICW was a prototype weapon that was cancelled, the SPAS-12 was a popular weapon that enjoyed 20 YEARS of mass production, and producetion only stopped 6 years ago. There were probably never more than a hundred OICWs made, if that. There are probably tens or hundreds of thousands of SPAS-12s around the globe right now, some in private collections, police stations and other civilian ownerships. If Earth suddenly became occupied, that Shotgun could easily become the weapon of choice for human resistence. Only the invaders themselves could bring the OICW back into circulation, and why the hell would they bother when it's about 40% too big to be a standard issue PDW and they have a freaking plasma-gun that shoots bouncing energy orbs that vapourise people in the main heavy-rifle loadout?
  32. Sigh. True enough.
  33. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    He came. He spoke. He kicked ass.
  34. Trooper

    Trooper Spy

    Looking good man. How far along are you guys with the progress of your mod? Can you give us a percentage?
  35. Captain M4d


    Question? What is the current quality of this? Is it worth a play? I've always been interested in the unused content of HL2.
  36. Trooper

    Trooper Spy

    Well, the mod is not released yet so you will have to wait and see. As for the quality, it is top notch.
  37. Atomic_Piggy

    Atomic_Piggy Newbie

    Sorry to bump this thread, but I have problems with this mod.

    It worked fine up until the part when you meet Odell again, on the deck. Y'know, where he follows you. Anyway. I go into that room with the Stalkers, and it just crashes. Its the same after about 10 minutes into play on the E3 presentation. Every time I play it does this.
    Can someone please help? I don't won't to reinstall, because the downloading took ages.

    BTW, great mod except the fact that the Stalkers don't seem to move, and the flare can't effect 'em.:O
  38. kupocake

    kupocake Tank

    Same here, and it seemed to be a widespread problem that never got fixed. Just wait for the next release. I believe you'll find that was the last room in the level anyway.

    Except for the 10 mins into the E3 pres. Never had that myself.
  39. Atomic_Piggy

    Atomic_Piggy Newbie

    Alright thanks.
    That E3 pres was just a crash because my mate spoke on Steam chat at the wrong time, it didn't happen again.
  40. LaCabra

    LaCabra Newbie



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