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Recent Mod News Roundup

Discussion in 'News' started by Ennui, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Ennui

    Ennui The Freeman

    Today I've got a few updates from the Half-Life modding scene for you folks:
    First, the Ukrainian team behind a PC port of Half-Life: Decay, a bonus by Gearbox for the PS2 version of Half-Life have finally released their mod, which is for the original Half-Life. Check out their website for downloads and more information.
    Next, an update from the Decadence team, the third in their "State of Decadence" series, that details information on their HUD (or lack thereof) and their iterative development method. Head over to their newspost on ModDB.
    Finally, Project Valkyrie has released an alpha version for the public, and Eternal Silence, Ham and Jam and Exterminatus all have released updates on their progress, resplendent with some beautiful media.
  2. TwwIX

    TwwIX Tank

    I Am shocked! How dare you post mod news!? I want more advertisements for non Half Life related games!
  3. Woooo! Can't wait to try these mods. I've been wanting to try the Half-Life: Decay one.
  4. highlander

    highlander Newbie

    woo! a lot of news!
  5. Hunter-Killer

    Hunter-Killer Newbie

    Shame Half-Life: Decay requires you to have Half-Life installed, my copy has gone awol and this mod doesn't work with HL:Source...
  6. Kula Meenur

    Kula Meenur Newbie

    It must be good. It's from Ukraine.
  7. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    Hey I ain't from Ukraine. Thanks for posting the news. :p
  8. Iron_cube

    Iron_cube Newbie

    I highly recommmend playing Decay with a friend on the first playthrough, switching players is just awful.

    I hope someone makes a LD pack, I think I might give it a go if the files are not .pak'd.

    I would have hoped for a decent unarmed idle animation, sven-coop style, but meh.

    Extremely looking forward to play this with a mate.
  9. Thanks for including us in the update Ennui :)
  10. Operational

    Operational Newbie

    Why don't you activate your Half-Life CD key on Steam and download it through there? Or have you lost your CD key as well?

    LD... Low-Definition? As opposed to Blue-Shifts HD pack?
  11. Iron_cube

    Iron_cube Newbie


    I played HL1, OP4, BS, AS, POV, HOE and Svencoop all with the good old low-def models, I would expect no less from yet another official title.

    Nothing will beat the original barney and otis models, nothing.

    But oh well.
  12. I installed, Half-Life Decay and it's on my steam list. But everytime I open it, it doesn't respond =/
    Got it to work, just had to restart Steam (Der) Anywho, I can't get Colette to move at all. Anyone running into this problem?
    So I see I need to switch players, now I just need to figure that out >=|
  13. Not to mention headache inducing.
  14. wilka91

    wilka91 Newbie

    well, I don't have any friends!
  15. Dr.Freeman

    Dr.Freeman Newbie

    So many news in one post, good job.

    I hope they will be good mods.
  16. Hells Angel

    Hells Angel Newbie

    Thanks for the info, eternal silence looks pretty cool still.

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