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Rate the last game you played

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by rĂ­omhaire, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. It was alright.
  2. kineaesth

    kineaesth Moderate Staff Member

    Halo - 6/10

    So I finished it, finally. The main problem with this game is the hideous, painful rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat gameplay - battles, environments, enemies all feel so overdone by the time you finish. The difficulty is similarly poor - some battles are cake, some had me ragequitting after trying for half an hour. The plot is... Average. I didn't care about any of the characters. Voice acting is crap too.

    However, it has very good sound design, especially when it comes to weapon effects. Some environments are very pretty. Looking up and seeing the Halo is comparable to the citadel's constant presence in Half Life 2. Vehicles were fun at first, but became annoying.

    It's not an awful game, but it's not great. I enjoyed it at times. Whatever.
  3. Apocalypse89

    Apocalypse89 Newbie

    Reviewing the two new HL2 mods:

    Eternal Silence - 8.5/10

    Awesome concept that's greatly executed. The ship combat is excellent, exciting and easy to pick up but apparently very difficult to master. I also love the atmosphere, with huge dogfights in space while the NPC capships in the background blow the shit out of each other. The only reason it doesn't get a solid 9 is because the infantry combat could use some work: Each weapon seems like it came from a different game, and the collision detection sucks.

    Dystopia - 9/10

    Although I personally prefer ES, I have to say that Dystopia still probably beats it in the overall quality department. It's just a much more polished mod, like something you'd expect to see from a professional developer. My only real criticism is that it can be quite overwhelming to a newcomer, what with all the strange weapons(although the typical FPS stuff is still there.), huge and complex maps, and the concept of cyberspace which would probably be completely alien to any outside player. You will die a lot when you first play this game. And turn off the music unless you like ear damage.

    Also, SmartLock Pistols.
  4. Sheepo

    Sheepo The Freeman

    Left 4 Dead 7/10

    Why does it feel like this is getting more buggy over time?
  5. Cornerstone

    Cornerstone Newbie

    My fav. is night of the unliving dead bug in L4D. Everything but the infected load.
  6. Sheepo

    Sheepo The Freeman

    Earlier we had a bug which allowed you to see the infected's mic voice bubble thing (even when they hadn't spawned). Was ****ing hilarious, actually.
  7. Knights of Honor - 9/10

    ****ing rebels...
  8. Thats all well saying that now years after release but you wouldnt of said that when it was released.
  9. nipples

    nipples Newbie

    That's not a bug, its a server setting. The admin of the server was f***ing dumb for turning it on though.
  10. kineaesth

    kineaesth Moderate Staff Member

    What would I have said then?
  11. Kula Meenur

    Kula Meenur Newbie

    Need for Speed: Pro Street - 7/10
  12. A mate of mine got that when it came out......said it was shit then took it back to the shop.
  13. bam23

    bam23 Newbie

    i'm of the crowd that thinks timesplitters owns the crap out of halo since release.

    world of goo demo 9/10

    interesting game.
  14. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman

    I think you'll find the criticism was even more vocal around the time it was released. Just not everyone's cup of tea.

    Halo Wars Demo - 6/10

    Not bad, shows promise of being a pretty decent RTS, but it really feels lacking for being on a console. The controls are relatively intuitive for what they are, but they're never going to match a mouse and keyboard. Hopefully it gets ported sooner or later.
  15. Wanted Bob

    Wanted Bob Companion Cube

    From what I saw in the demo, Halo Wars did a great job with the source material in terms of units, buildings and upgrades. However it seems like WAY too simple of a game for me to enjoy it...
  16. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman

    Yeah, they did a pretty good job translating it. I especially like that spartans can commandere any enemy vehicles with their special ability - you can even steal spider tanks! :D
  17. Wanted Bob

    Wanted Bob Companion Cube

    Yeah thats sweet, though annoying if you are covanent :p
  18. Nibwoddle

    Nibwoddle Newbie

    FEAR - 7/10
    I finally picked this up. I suppose it's okay. Combat and AI are great, but environments are quite repetetive and I get really freaked out by the halluctination stuff (I know, I'm a total wuss). Decent game.
  19. Flight Simulator X :Accerleration-9/10
    This is the one Microsoft product that i actually liked and disappointed that it's finished. It's a great flight sim, the graphics are really good and the new mission are really challenging and fun. Flying after UFO's do deliver them a virus or landing a 747 with 2 engines out in a storm. The only thing i found lacking was the lack of Concorde which is my favourite plane.
  20. stemot

    stemot Space Core

    Yeah, the environments were what ruined it for me as well, hopefully the sequel will address it.
  21. Sonic Advance - 10/10
    Finally a good ole fashioned Sonic game. None of the annoying retarded characters like Cream and Cheese and Big the Cat. Just back to the simplicity of the classics,2 levels and a boss. No stupid melodramatic story just defeat Dr Robotnik (i refuse to call him Dr Eggman). The bosses are well thought out and felt like classic boss battles as were the whole level design.The music was brilliant as loads of them were remixes of the classic sonic tracks which were awesome. Overall i find this proves that Sonic is just about still alive and playing this brought back alot of fond memory's.
  22. SamuraiKenji

    SamuraiKenji Newbie

    God of War - 10/10
    Splintercell: Pandora Tomorrow 9/10
    Would be 10/10 BUT IT'S PISSING ME OFF
  23. G(ordon)-man

    G(ordon)-man Newbie

    C&C 3:Tiberium Wars - 8/10
    Great entertainment, nice graphics and innovative gameplay. Too much useless units though.
    Life for Speed - 6/10
    Free demo, nice graphics, horrible lag and horrible players. But a good timekiller
    Half-Life 2 - 9/10
    On my 3rd playtrough. Good game, a definite classic. Cannot wait for EP3!
  24. Higlac

    Higlac Companion Cube

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 5: 7/10

    I always had great fun messing about with this game. It was great to crash the planes at such a speed that the game engine didn't recognize a collision until after you passed through the object. The Sopwith Camel was fun though.

    DEATHMASTER The Freeman

    God damn 360 exclusiverape. It takes them 2.5 years to get a halo game onto the pc.
  26. kupocake

    kupocake Tank

    Which leads us onto:
    Halo 2 8/10 - Much improved, but not without its problems... still, at times I could have marked this a point or so higher, but at others a little lower...

    Good Stuff:
    - The weapons are much improved, punchier, better sounding, better modeled... but with old types hanging around, the arsenal feels a little bloated: you're never going to sacrifice one of two weapon spots for one of those mistakes of the past.

    - Bungie generally get the Covenant right this time round. Originally, they felt like a poor selection of wacky alien designs plonked on the head designer's desk and rushed into the Matel-branded prefabbed pink space-ships of death. The rampant colour palette seems toned down and clashes a lot less, and a lot of work has gone into revamping the old designs and making them believable creatures.

    - Of course, this is helped simply because we see more of the Covenant in Halo 2, especially as there is now the Arbiter who really adds a lot to the storyline's structure (chapters ends not by cutting you out of the storyline, but by taking you somewhere else) and offers a more interesting angle on events.

    - Bungie haven't tried to fix anything that wasn't broken in the first place really. One thing that struck me is that, as crap as it looks five years on, it still looks impressive, and for the same reasons its predecessor did.

    Ok Stuff:
    - Repetition was the major stumbling block of Halo 1, here it's thankfully less blatant (no replica 'do it backwards' chapters) but nonetheless present. Every corridor and adjacent, non-critical room seems to be replicated elsewhere in the same chapter (sometimes half a dozen times or more). On one hand, it doesn't feel unnatural but as a feature of both Covenant and Forerunner architecture, it can feel a bit like lazy design.

    - Enemy A.I: Up close, it's almost too good. A little further away, and the exploits shine in your face and melt the joy right out of you. The bigger types typically have an abject fear of doorways, peculiarly especially the type that have no doors in them. Easy pickings for you and your great looking and sounding sniper rifle, but why bother?

    - Checkpoints: I prefer having a checkpoint system actually... but the system is pretty frustrating in Halo 2 PC. If you're going to give the player only a single save-slot, you better have a damned good system that doesn't screw them over. You don't? Nice one. Sometimes, it fails to kick in after you've been through five caverns and killed thirty brutes before taking a sticky grenade with you to the grave.... this becomes more annoying when the inevitable reload sees a playthrough where you're given a save point with every blade of grass you annihilate.

    Bad Stuff:
    - **** the Vehicles. They handle like crap, the PC mapping is insensitive and ill advisied and I'm starting to forget what their inclusion ever added to the genre. The sections generally feel as disposable as the papercraft cars they have you confined too: You shoot up the place, usually by staying out of range and waiting for the rubbish projectiles to connect enough times to make stuff fall over, then you die, shout at the checkpoint system, and drive through the next five maps in a minute and hop out and start having fun again. At worst, a Banshee dogfight must look like two five year olds holding their own feces and going "powpowpow" for two minutes to the average backseat gamer, and it plays worse because the shit just won't wash off your hands.

    - Big open areas: Like vehicles, big open areas are part of the game's image... but impressive as they are, Bungie needs to be schooled on making them fun. The guns and vehicles simply do not scale up to the levels when they fire projectiles that take an eternity to hit the opposite wall of a valley. "Shoot where they're going to be" is all very well and good, but often, even the sniper bullets will be in transit whilst the enemy has spun a full 180 degrees and buggered off.
  27. Sheepo

    Sheepo The Freeman

    You guys are no fun.
  28. nipples

    nipples Newbie

  29. Warbie

    Warbie Party Escort Bot

    Better than Halo??! You're lucky you're a moogle brother and live like 15 mins from me, otherwise you'd be trying to pull a sticky nade out of your bum.
  30. F.E.A.R. 2 (demo) 6/10


    Dawn of War 2 beta 7.5/10

    I like all the COH aspects they've put into the game- cover, buildings, no magic-re-enforcement etc etc.
    I'm actually not too sure that I like that they've gotten rid of the base-building...not so much because I miss base building, but more because I miss base smashing...annihilate matches are pretty boring when there's only one building to take down(even if it was already that way in DOW) it just doesn't seem so satisfying. the very least I think they should have kept the upgradeable listening posts so that you would meet some stationary resistance along the way to re-cap points.

    but it's a bit hard to judge with out the campaign part of the game, because you don't really get to play with the persistent heroes and squads.

    I also think a tutorial would have been nice, just to get people quicker up to speed on the new stuff.
    I never figured out if yu could actually actively upgrade your heroes once they got a level during a match or if it just happens passively...anyone?

    still think there's a good chance I'll buy the full game, once I've upgraded my comp.
  31. CyberPitz

    CyberPitz Party Escort Bot

    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - 9/10

    VERY fun game.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 - 6/10

    It's an OK game, but I just get so bored playing it....maybe with more time....
  32. 3ssence

    3ssence Tank

    Also been playing this for the first time over the last few days. Joined the PS3 camp over the weekend (alongside 360 and PC) and had been looking forward to giving this a go, as i love my racing games.

    Early signs are very good imo. The car physics seem solid, with each car having similar behaviour to their real life counterparts (from what i have read, i can't claim to have driven all of these vehicles xD). Not quite up there with rFactor and LFS, but pretty satisfying.

    Good audio giving a good idea of grip levels and when you are reaching the limit, and with a wheel there is good feedback on weight transfer and grip.

    The game looks great (which is of secondary importance to how the cars drive) and the car cockpits are modeled beautifully, which helps add to the realism. The cars themselves look fantastic. Track wise, some seem better/more real than others. All the time keeping a nice fluid frame rate, bar the very occasional slowdown (at seemingly completely random times !)

    Also, love the main menu screen, great little touches such as weather information at real life locations, and the beautiful animated backdrop.


    Bring on the full game (eventually) !
  33. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman

    The first 3 or 4 levels of Halo 2 were brilliant. After that it was all downhill.

    Halo 3 Multiplayer - Xbox Live/10

    Decided to fire it up again on a whim. I forgot just how utterly enraging the userbase was.
  34. Dynasty

    Dynasty Space Core

    GTA4 (PS3) - 9/10

    Looses a mark over the 360 version because, quite simply, the graphics are worse on the PS3 version in HD. Though havent tried the 720p trick yet.

    Little Big Planet - 8/10

    Ridiculously cute and quite fun, yes you can create your own levels but id rather leave that upto the professionals.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 - 10/10

    It made me cry. Twice.

    Once for the ending and once for the fact that it brought back my best memories of gaming.
  35. Escaep

    Escaep Tank

    Mirrors Edge: 7/10. Started off great but it got boring and repetitive to me. Graphics were nice and clean though.
  36. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman

    HAWX Demo - 6/10

    Eh. Kind of fun, though I predict it'll be way too simple to please flight sim fans, and everyone else probably won't even bother with it, so I'm not sure who they're aiming for here.
  37. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

  38. Nibwoddle

    Nibwoddle Newbie

    Left 4 Dead - 8/10. WHY CAN'T THEY RELEASE THE DAMN DLC!?
  39. stemot

    stemot Space Core

    F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin 9/10 (so far)

    I've just escaped the hospital, so I don't know how far in I am, but so far I am loving this game, the only thing is it's not as scary as the original game, though for me that's probably a good thing :D
  40. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    I beat following games this month:

    Condemned: Criminal Origins (5/10)

    Cheap story, no explanation on anything, same (boring) gameplay elements through the game.

    Penumbra Overture & Penumbra Black Plauge (8/10)

    It's fun to play (some levels (dream & alternative dimension) were boring).

    Sheep, Dog n' Wolf (7/10)

    Some puzzles makes you go insane, checkpoint system could have been better.

    Quake IV (8/10)

    Great sequel (beginning is bit boring), possibly Raven Software's best game to date.
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