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    Modding has always been something that united fans of great games and developed a friendly and talented community. Taking a step further into making indie casual games does seem like a huge step for some people, especially potential contributors who expect money and such out of it. What we, Invulnerable Productions, are trying to achieve is keeping true to the same feeling that modders have when developing mods but allowing people to develop for something larger. A stand alone casual game. Money isn't everything but it is what many potential developers expect when developing stand alone games. What we are trying to do is use passion for gaming and developing rather than money to motivate everyone into creating a unique title that might lead to rewards later on when it releases. This is our project:

    Revolution: Genesis

    Inspired by Jet Set Radio and old school brawlers like Streets of Rage, Revolution: Genesis is our attempt at combining recreational inline skating sports with entertaining combat in addition with a deep rpg system, completed by various puzzles and side quests.

    As said in the introductory paragraph we do not intend to become dependent on money. However, if we do manage to sell on platforms such as Steam, members of the team will receive their fair share. Then again, this is purely a step forward for modders to gain greater experience, and in addition to that, it’s a great thing to accompany the portfolio.

    Target Aim
    We're hoping to complete a free demo build to give the community a taste of the project and to obtain feedback. From there we will continue to build up on that and release a small portion of the game as shareware with the rest of it being sold at a very low price via digital distribution.

    The game will be powered by the Unity Engine ( which allows cross-platform distribution and reliable workflow in conjunction with its well crafted power. The game is primarily set to be released on PC and Mac, however if funds and resources permit, licenses may be obtained to allow console and handheld releases.

    Please check out our IndieDB page ( which consists of concept art and other past evidence of our development process.

    Talent Needed
    Contributions including animated character models and environmental decoration assets are needed. Skills in 3D modelling software such as Blender or any other in addition with texturing techniques should be considerable. Constant communication with members of the team using Skype is essential to ensure progression and motivation.