Featured Production photos of the short film Half-Life: Uplink revealed

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    Do you remember Half-Life: Uplink? No, the film, not the demo with the same title. Well, we've covered the subject in detail in a previous ValveTime Database episode, which you can watch at the bottom of this post if you're interested.

    We recently received never-before-seen production photos of the film from an individual who worked at Sierra's UK division, revealing a greater behind the scenes look of the filming and its shooting location. We'd like to thank our source for letting us share and preserve these photos.

    hluplink_001.jpg hluplink_002.jpg hluplink_003.jpg hluplink_004.jpg
    hluplink_005.jpg hluplink_006.jpg hluplink_007.jpg hluplink_008.jpg
    hluplink_010.jpg hluplink_011.jpg hluplink_012.jpg

    Here is the ValveTime Database episode where we talk about the film in detail:

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