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Post your desktops here!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Dark8Master89, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Ames

    Ames Newbie

  2. Alan Freeman

    Alan Freeman Newbie

  3. westie

    westie Newbie

  4. Ranga

    Ranga Newbie

  5. Sprafa

    Sprafa Newbie

  6. pomegranate

    pomegranate Newbie

  7. Alan Freeman

    Alan Freeman Newbie

  8. Dark8Master89

    Dark8Master89 Newbie

    Kool desktops guys!
  9. Absinthe

    Absinthe The Freeman

  10. CadetFrench

    CadetFrench Guest

    Hey yall have some cool skins for Windows. Where can I get some? Thanks
  11. Ikerous

    Ikerous Newbie

    Tell me this isnt beautiful.
  12. Tr0n

    Tr0n Newbie

    It isn't beautiful.
  13. Ikerous

    Ikerous Newbie

    T_T Thats the last time i make out with you.
  14. Tr0n

    Tr0n Newbie

    You told me to tell you it isn't beautiful!

    Fine then!I got other bitchs to make out with.... :sleep:

    You'll come crawling back to me...you always do.You can't get enough of my lovin...
  15. Ames

    Ames Newbie

  16. kingthebadger

    kingthebadger Newbie

    i prefer the original XP look than having any of your desktops (everyone)
  17. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman

  18. CadetFrench

    CadetFrench Guest

    Yay I figured out how to pimp my desktop. Thanks MTV

    EDIT: Omg can anyone tell me how to get the little yellow dude to be my icon for AIM? I cant find the icon anywhere and I cant stand the one that I have now (the icon next to mozilla). Please if someone could tell me how to change it to the proper AIM icon that would be awesome. Thanks
  19. CadetFrench

    CadetFrench Guest

    Bump: Can anyone help me? ^^^
  20. B-MAn

    B-MAn Newbie

    hi sorry i dnt really have any help to give you about ur problem but can u help me :D

    what program did u use to do ur desktop like that? is it Aston Shell?

    EDIT: if it is can u PM where u got it from :p
  21. Sprafa

    Sprafa Newbie

    I'm looking at Aston Shell, it definitly looks good.
  22. Absinthe

    Absinthe The Freeman

    It takes some getting used to. But once it's all set up, I find it far more managable than the original Windows desktop. Lots of cool themes and plug-ins that make it look like sex as well.
  23. Griz

    Griz Newbie

    I assume you're using Stardock Object Dock?

    If so, what is it you need? The icon or how to change the current icon or both?

    Icons can be found at WinCustomize.com

    To change the current icon, move your mouse cursor over it, right click and select "Dock Entry Properties...". Next click on "Change image", and select your new icon. :thumbs:
  24. CadetFrench

    CadetFrench Guest

    Yes I know how to do that but I cant find the icon of the little yellow guy running for AIM. Its not a icon file in the AIM folders. I really want to have it for my dock. I also cant find it on wincustomize.com, I can only find custom and default XP icons, not a third party program icon like AIM.
  25. Griz

    Griz Newbie

    If you actually bothered to click the link i gave you above, you might notice that i'd even gone to the extent of searching Wincustomize.com for the icon you're looking for!!

    I really don't know why i bother sometimes....... :frown:
  26. VirusType2

    VirusType2 Newbie

    Cool I got it, I LOVE IT, beautiful. Im using SouLuna. It's my favorite one so far. I didn't know they had a free demo!

    It has bugs on the favorites button, and when you reduce the size of full screen windows. It's really freaking out and you have to close the window to make it stop. Should I re-install? Does this happen only on the demo? I'll try a different windowblinds skin...

    BTW at the bottom of the link, on the left you can download a
    program to change the Windows XP boot screen.

    Awesome. I've been wanting to do that, but it's really complicated and risky to mess with windows files, but this program will let you do it easily and safely. I recommend it
  27. Same here, except I use the silver style.
  28. Griever

    Griever Spy

  29. WaterMelon34

    WaterMelon34 Vortigaunt

  30. Slik

    Slik Newbie

  31. Slik

    Slik Newbie

  32. Shamrock

    Shamrock Companion Cube

  33. westie

    westie Newbie

    If you want a desktop like that your gonna need a few programs: Windowblinds, Object dock, Icon packager and Cursor XP.
    This is the theme
    Out of that list i used: theme, Object dock is this. Rainy is Glassy Calendar , Wallpaper
    I used Icon packager but changed the icons to this.
    And cursur XP i just used windows defualt which changed it to the one i have now.
    And My tabs
    You can find all the icons on wincustomize.
  34. Dark8Master89

    Dark8Master89 Newbie

    Westie all those programs eat ur memory! i just use windowblinds and use a theme.
  35. Jangle

    Jangle Tank

  36. Dalamari

    Dalamari Newbie

    Any idea how to install the glass calendar and the objectdock bar? I've unzip'd the files almost everywhere
  37. Gorgon

    Gorgon Newbie

  38. Pressure

    Pressure Newbie

    I'm guessing that guy doesn't like Alcohol 120% huh.

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