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Post a screenshot!

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by theotherguy, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. theotherguy

    theotherguy Newbie

    Post the best screenshots you have of any game on your computer! (no real reason for this, just wanted to see what moments people had captured)

    Here's mine:
    Fire and Ice: bombers take on a group of assault frigates in homeworld 2.
  2. Garfield_

    Garfield_ Newbie

  3. spookymooky

    spookymooky Newbie

    Pretty much in the same boat as garfield.
  4. Asuka

    Asuka Companion Cube

    I have way to many....Cant pick one :(
  5. Shakermaker

    Shakermaker Party Escort Bot

    How to kill a forklift

    LOTS of beer

    Ogrimmar by night
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  6. Sainku

    Sainku Newbie

    One of my many scenic oblivion shots.
    Didn't seem to like being converted to jpg though.
  7. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

  8. Reginald

    Reginald Newbie

    You suck at Solitaire. Put the Aces up the top. :rolling:
  9. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

    Rofl, reginald.
  10. Garfield_

    Garfield_ Newbie

    Was'nt playing
  11. Reginald

    Reginald Newbie

    You did the 6 5 4.:hmph:
  12. xombine

    xombine Tank

    Wow Sainku, that makes for an awesome wallpaper. ;)
  13. I cleaned out all the games i wasnt playing so i ended up with Oblivion and Steam, so heres a screen from my super secret WIP sidescrolling mod
  14. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

  15. SE7EN

    SE7EN Guest

    Here's mine, game's called Lineage 2

    A human female Dark Avenger with Imperial Heavy Set plus Dark Legion Sword.[​IMG]
  16. Kamikazie

    Kamikazie Tank

    arrow shot to the head :D

    when OCybrManO and I started doing the C4 mod with names
  17. Mutley

    Mutley Tank


    Me and my clan in Delta Force BHD, after a match went badly because the other clan was exploiting, we went into their server and placed about 60+ satchels next to our clan leader.

    We did blow it up and it was the funniest gaming moment I've ever had, it crashed their server, lmao. I saved this screenshot from the day, about 3 years ago now and I'm still with NoSkill. :)
  18. Sanada

    Sanada Newbie

    I've only got ones from when I played C&C Renegade. Seem to have lost all my others. :( Sorry if the images are too big.

    Two nukes going off the the same time. :D

    Use to get extreme lag with 56K. Would do some funny things sometimes.

    Harvester love
  19. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

  20. French Ninja

    French Ninja Newbie

    BIS Forum Night from a long time ago; when they actually played something else than FDF mod. :p

    I'm the guy farthest to the left.
  21. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

    You didn't do that on the multiplayer paint thing... did you? That's dedication.
  22. French Ninja

    French Ninja Newbie

    No, it was a real screenshot. I just used it to test GIMP effects. :p
  23. hungryduck

    hungryduck Tank

    Heres a few:
    Oblivion is a big and pretty place.
    Is this is guy gay? (read what he says: LOVE? BIG BIG BIG BIG?)
    Notice the irony!!! :)
    Oblivion has the best graphics/gameplay I've seen in a long time....
    Sorry for posting so many....
  24. Lucid

    Lucid The Freeman

    Alrighty, I've got some random screenies from Doom and UT2004...

    Green death, pretty.

    Hot-air balloon fighting ftw.

    Molotov cocktails ftw.

    I just thought it looked nifty, first time playing with a Cicada.
  25. Dumb Dude

    Dumb Dude Spy

    I shot a helicopter down and I think this screenshot looks cool.

  26. B_MAN

    B_MAN Tank

  27. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

    Oooo Condemned. I liked the demo, but I'm a pussy and I hate scary games.
  28. B_MAN

    B_MAN Tank

    thats too bad
    yeah i find it alot scarier than FEAR, just because its not as action packed.. i mean there's much more anticipation and that makes things very tense
    alone in the dark + headphones = very scary
  29. Javert

    Javert Tank

    pffft to 2nd post. :D

  30. armanguy

    armanguy Newbie

    owning the other team in dawn of war!

  31. Dalamari

    Dalamari Newbie

  32. Murray_H

    Murray_H Tank

  33. Ravioli

    Ravioli Microboner

    Dalamari, what game is that? Me likez dez graphiczzzzz
  34. Reginald

    Reginald Newbie


    Downloading the demo now. :D
  35. Dalamari

    Dalamari Newbie

    Condemned really suprised me, I thought it would be really bland like FEAR, but it is quite good fun bashing in some skulls with a lead pipe :)

    Plus I can run it on my computer, so that's also another reason
  36. Jangle

    Jangle Tank

    Bashing people is great fun, but crying like a little girl because you don't know when the next baddie will jump out at you isn't. So that's why I didn't get it.
  37. Dalamari

    Dalamari Newbie

    Yeah, I can't play it for more than an hour at a time, too much suspense for me
  38. Jangle

    Jangle Tank

    I had to get my mate to come round and finish the demo for me. :(

    The only two screenshots I can find are from Garry's mod.

  39. jimbo118

    jimbo118 Newbie

    that screen is awesome, you got a good rig?:)
  40. armanguy

    armanguy Newbie

    some more ownage in dawn of war :D you guys should really play this game i usually ont play rts games cuz everyone always on defense and you cant really break through there lines but in this game you goto be all offense or you'll lose:D so i love it.


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