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Portal Video Game Portal Gun Replica Gun

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by toaster-chan, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. toaster-chan

    toaster-chan Party Escort Bot

    Posting this in the Lounge because I love you guys (eh, well, sort of anyway) & I think you guys deserve it more than some asshole in the news section

    You can preorder here (there were other sites but they've sold out already so hurry hurry!):

    But if you miss out don't worry, this update on the NECA site says that there will be more retailers in future:

    Good luck & I'll see you lot later as I am busy with my life but not so busy that I can't encourage irresponsible and senseless spending on video game merchandise
  2. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    Nice, I was expecting a much higher price.
  3. Stylo

    Stylo The Freeman

    £88.41 of my English Pounds. Weirdly, the first thing of this sort that I can realistically afford AND would consider buying.

    ALSO - I just saw that they should be selling them on play.co.uk when they hit the e-stores. JOY4MEBEINGBRITISHANDSTUFF.
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  4. Shamrock

    Shamrock Companion Cube

    I say you guys pitch in and buy one for me since my birthday was this past Monday (March 19th), and I didn't receive a happy birthday from anyone. :(
  5. NeptuneUK

    NeptuneUK Space Core

    Not sure if want. I'd rather have 35 beers.
    Since my uni days I can only ever value things in 'beer' terms.
    Examples : Woah no way I'm buying that takeaway pizza! that's worth 7 beers!
    That continental lager only costs 1.25 beers! Not bad
  6. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

    Weird. In high school the value was joints. That's like 28 joints.

    But yea anyways, for $140.. There are so much better things you could buy. A videogame gun replica, cool yea. Or save another few bucks and get a battle ready sword.

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