• Portal 2 DLC "Peer Review" Coming October 4th

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Sep 30, 2011.

    You can be playing on PC, Mac, Xbox Live and PSN and you will find the first Portal 2 DLC (slightly late to still call summer Valve) to be free for all! Titled "Portal 2: Peer Review" it will be released on all the above platforms on October 4th. What will it come with?
    In the meantime the 3rd and final part of 'Songs to Test By' the Portal 2 soundtrack by Mike Morasky is now available. Need a reason to download this? Let me give you two: 1) Robots FTW, 2) A full version of Cara Mia Addio by Ellen McLain. Wonderful!
    <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/X314jB-6Hms" frame allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Shakermaker

    I wonder if the challenge modes will be the same levels, reworked ones, or maybe even new test rooms.
  2. Omnomnick
    Could be anything, who knows what they were doing with the delay time, maybe adding even more content or newer content?
  3. Lobster
    Hopefully the challenge mode will allow for easy custom map access like the first game did. Using the console isn't a major problem for most people, but it does seem like a back-step considering the first portal and both Left4Dead games made use of the packing system.
  4. Dinnesch
    Can't wait. I hope it will contain more 'old aperture' themed maps(or maybe even a new theme) and new puzzle elements!
  5. Hectic Glenn
    I've been a good sport and uploaded the audio of Cara Mia to convince you of it's brilliance!
  6. Omnomnick
    I've been a better sport and downloaded the file and listened to it in higher quality.
  7. Overwatch Sector
    Hope they don't add any painful achievements in the DLC.
  8. ríomhaire
    **** YEAH I'm going to have me a Portal date.
  9. Krynn72
    The Portal 2 soundtrack has been slowly but surely working its way up through the ranks of my favorite soundtracks ever, including movies. I think as far as games go, only the Civ 5 soundtrack irks it out ahead of it. Still need to listen to this volume though, so that may not be the case for long.
  10. ZT
    I don't know why I never asked this, but what are button positive and button negative saying? I always heard "ooooo.... pressure" and was confused.
  11. Edeslash
    Damn, listening to this stuff makes me want to replay Portal 2. AGAIN
  12. Dinnesch
    They also released this comic(found by clicking the laser at the bottom of the soundtrack page).
  13. Blindasabat
    There will be singleplayer stuff in the DLC? Excellent! I thought it was all co-op stuff, which doesn't interest me very much. mmd, that. And free music too. mmw
  14. StarBob
    Releasing on a Tuesday is kinda lame but I can clear my evening for the ensuing party.
  15. xlnqeniuz
    Today is the day!