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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike' started by |PCF|Gubber, Aug 17, 2007.

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    Hello, My name is gubber and I run the CSS competition for PCFormat Magazine. If you have the latest issue of the magazine handy, we are on Page 75 (UK Version)

    The competition costs nothing at all except half an hour of your time, and you could win cool prizes. We send our prizes all over the world, we have sent regulaly to ireland and sweden

    So, you're wondering what the catch is, well, there is no catch. You dont pay postage, you don't have to do anything other than play 2 normal maps of CSS (each 20 mins long, one hostage scenario, one bomb scenario)

    Previously we have given away ?150 worth of OCZ RAM.

    Please, feel free to add me to x-fire (batesy91) or add me to steam friends (gubber). I only ask that you tell me you have added me for the competition that way I can notify you on the night of the competition.

    The next competition is on Saturday 1st of September at 8:00PM.

    [Please be aware, we will require your postal address if you qualify for a prize]
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    The magazine informs me that a prize may consist of cheese found in a draw. D:
  3. |PCF|Gubber

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    The magazine does indeed, in way of a disclamer

    If you read after that it also says that it will more likely be a selection of games/game


    Psycho, have you added me to x-fire/steam friends?
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    I may play. Is it okay if I'm in America?

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