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PC Gamer UK Score

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by Scorps, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. Scorps

    Scorps Guest

    I’ve just received my PC Gamer 141 with the HL2 review.
    Basically they say its astonishing and it scored 96%, plus on the DVD version they include all the seen movies as well as one called "Magnet" that I am just about to watch. I don’t have a scanner so don’t even try asking...got to go now.

    Edit: Rome: Total War gets 95%

    Edit2: The Magnet movie is just the coast bink with a different name.
  2. DigiQ8

    DigiQ8 Tank

    w00t w00t
    THATS GREAT 96 !!
  3. monkeydust

    monkeydust Newbie

    Thanks Scorps. Won't be long before the review starts popping up all over the net.
  4. ksimm

    ksimm Guest

  5. estling

    estling Newbie

    Thanks alot.. if it's fake, you won't live. ;)

  6. DigiQ8

    DigiQ8 Tank

    could you upload the new video :p
    if you did we will believe you :p

    EDIT : If you want a server to upload , contact me on messenger
  7. Gunner

    Gunner Tank

    Excellent! Thanks for the heads-up :D
  8. Adrien C

    Adrien C Newbie

    Good, 96 ok, good, could you mention the good and cons ?
  9. NeLi

    NeLi Newbie

    Well, that's great. :dozey:
  10. drhansson

    drhansson Guest

    96% man that's so low!
    I'm not getting this game with this crappy score
  11. 96% sweet! New Video?.....even cooler!
  12. cenmocay

    cenmocay Newbie

    omg thats dumb
  13. Atomi

    Atomi Newbie

    96% is very good IMO. Could you provide some info about the review (half-life source, cs: source, hl2 and no spoilers) or is that forbidden?
  14. mbrithoms

    mbrithoms Newbie

    hang on hl2 got 96 and rome TW got 95, LMAO
  15. Gunner

    Gunner Tank

    What's so hilariously funny about that? do you realize they're two different games? those scores simply imply that in their respective genres these two games are in the top 10.
  16. Scorps

    Scorps Guest

    The only con I saw was that the flash light and sprint used energy from a recharging energy bank.
  17. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

  18. UKchaos2

    UKchaos2 Newbie

    Good good, but its what we all expected right?

    Now i need to find a forum that lets you post scans arf arf!
  19. NeLi

    NeLi Newbie

    Why do you lmao?
  20. mbrithoms

    mbrithoms Newbie

    to be honest I just expected hl2 to have like a pc gamer exclusive score of 99.9 or something, 1% infront of RTW, makes me chuckle
  21. NeLi

    NeLi Newbie

    I bet there are many people out there who prefer Rome: TW instead of HL2..
  22. cenmocay

    cenmocay Newbie

    gameplay score ?

    Graphic score ?

    wats the suprise in CSS ?
  23. UKchaos2

    UKchaos2 Newbie

    Oh yeah, without saying what they are, does the review have much in the way of spoilers?

    Edit: oh and what an appropriate date for the reviews to come out on? ;)
  24. Than you do understand that 96% is the highest score pc gamer has ever given a game right? That being given to hl1. Now if this is true, hl2.
  25. Atomi

    Atomi Newbie

    Maybe they're being as honest as they can reviewing the game. No game is perfect. If they gave RTW 95% that just means that it's also a good game in its genre. Do you expect HL2 to be the only good game coming up?
  26. Adrien C

    Adrien C Newbie

    Comon, don't keep us like that, give us info !
    Any of the elder suscribed yet ?
  27. I want the girl in your avatar....... NOW

    and yea im eagerly awaiting Rome: Total War more so than Half-life 2 :p
  28. UKchaos2

    UKchaos2 Newbie

    PCzone gave Unreal2 something like 94% if i remember :p
  29. DigiQ8

    DigiQ8 Tank

    i think 96% is a great scroe, i thought HL2 will get lower scores with all the delays that happend.
  30. Yombi

    Yombi Newbie

    *wonders if this is true :|*

    Just sus that he comes to post then leaves straight away :-|.
  31. B3@$T

    B3@$T Newbie

    96% is a awsome score! Clearly we are not going 2 be disappointed. I would like to know some more info it had to say about hl2.....
  32. fez

    fez Newbie

  33. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    I was just about to type the same thing. Good god.
  34. h00dlum

    h00dlum Newbie

    HL(1) got 96% too...i think its the highest score PCG ever gave a game...
  35. Scorps

    Scorps Guest

    There was only one score, there was no talk of CS:S or HL:S or any other in that review but there is a preview of CS:S in the mag too and they don’t score previews before you ask.
  36. Jimmeh

    Jimmeh Newbie

    96%?! It's good to hear the game didn't disappoint, I was having some doubts after PC Gameplay gave it what..90%?
  37. Yep great score :smoking: Now release it.....
  38. Nex321

    Nex321 Newbie

    96% is more like it. Thats a very good score.

    Rome TW is a strategy what do you know maybe the best strategy game out there right now?
  39. Adrien C

    Adrien C Newbie

    He, for some reason I was expecting a 99 %
    Let's see what Gamespot says.
  40. venturon

    venturon Newbie

    The girl in his avatar is actually from a joke. It starts off with that close-up, then zooms out. She is riding a buckeroo-thingy.

    96%. Cool.
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