Paradise Now.

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    Has anyone else seen this? I just saw this last night and attended a discussion about it. Its a seriously powerful look at the minds of two young Palestinian men who are told that their martyrdom operation is to take place the following day and it follows them through what are to be their final 24 hours or so on Earth before reaching Paradise.

    Its not meant to be a political film insofaras it doesn't spend much time on the political machinations that reduced their country to its current state, but rather it speaks to the culture of oppression in which the Palestinian people are steeped. The occupation is a fact of life and the only way they see to end it is to resist forcefully. With Israel's military might being what it is, the Palestinians' might comes from their willingness to give their earthly bodies to the cause. Where they can't send missles and rockets and tanks, they send men strapped with explosives to chip away at the occupying force. Send one man into a crowd to detonate, send the second man in 15 minutes later when a bigger crowd of police and military units are there for maximum effectiveness.

    Its not so much a statement of what's wrong or right, but a look at what "is" in the minds of these two Palestinians youths. This is the way they see it--they don't see the politics of the situation, they don't see the history of the situation--they only know that life under occupation gives them no freedom and nothing to look forward to (seemingly).

    Its a great film and I highly suggest you all see it because its a great look at one of the many reasons why these men want to blow themselves up for their cause and it is not always exactly the reason you are thinking....

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