Optimal system memory: 2GB?

Discussion in 'Hardware & Software' started by PeppyFool, Jan 24, 2005.

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    I've been trying to speed up map editing/tweaking by keeping HL2 running in the background when using Hammer. That way I can make quick changes to a map, compile it with cordoning to the area of interest, and "ALT-TAB" back to HL2 and reload the map to see instant results. This saves tons of time having to exit and restart HL2 all the time.

    I used the same technique with HL1; however, HL2 and Hammer 4.0 are larger resource hogs. I have seen Hammer alone gobble up close to 400MB of system RAM, and my machine "only" has 1GB (two 512MB DDR400 dual channel sticks). When Hammer is juiced up that much Winblows starts thrashing the pagefile when I switch apps, slowing everything down.

    I'm thinking about getting an addtional gig of ram, but the cost ($180) for the same Corsair TWINX sticks I'm using now makes me hesitate.

    What's everyone else got for hardware for mapping and how well is it working out? Anyone else using 2GB RAM on their system and do you benefit significantly from having that much?


    (btw: rest of my system is 3GP4 800MHz FSB, Intel D875 mobo, 2-36GB WD 10k Raptors in RAID0)
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    Moved to hardware... 2GB ram will actually slow your system down when you're not using that much ram.

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