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Official Time Zone Activation Chart

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by aeroripper, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. aeroripper

    aeroripper Tank

    Tuesday November 15\16th Worldwide Activation Times

    GMT-12: 8:00 PM (15/11/04)
    GMT-11: 9:00 PM (15/11/04)
    GMT-10: 10:00 PM (15/11/04)
    GMT-9: 11:00 PM (15/11/04)
    GMT-8: Midnight (16/11/04)
    GMT-7: 1:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT-6: 2:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT-5: 3:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT-4: 4:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT-3: 5:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT-2: 6:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT-1: 7:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT: 8:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT+1: 9:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT+2: 10:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT+3: 11:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT+4: 12:00 AM (16/11/04)
    GMT+5: 1:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+6: 2:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+7: 3:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+8: 4:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+9: 5:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+10: 6:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+11: 7:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+12: 8:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+13: 9:00 PM (16/11/04)
    GMT+14: 10:00 PM (16/11/04)

    To see what GMT zone you are in, double click on windows clock > click the time zone tab > it will list your GMT.

    Sticky sticky sticky sticky so people will stop asking :-P
  2. iamaelephant

    iamaelephant Newbie

    This isn't 100% accurate, due to daylight savings.
  3. chimpmunk

    chimpmunk Tank

    3 am! YESSSSS
    Means i'll play as soon as i get back from the store.
  4. aeroripper

    aeroripper Tank

    True, but its a general idea of what time it will unlock at...
  5. cueball

    cueball Newbie

    Sweet 8am :D

    Get up at 7am have a shower have my morning workout and breakfast give school the fingure and enjoy hl2 for the day :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. someone seriously needs to sticky this
  7. qckbeam

    qckbeam Guest

    Done :)
  8. lmao, THAT was fast ;)
  9. yay!

    6pm tomorrow in melbourne!

    Can't wait!
  10. Solus

    Solus Guest

    This is it guys, we're about 24 hours away.
  11. 2 days for aussie retail buyers it seems (DAMN I HOPE NOT)...
  12. TyroPyro

    TyroPyro Guest

    You should add on descritiptions of the time zones for lazy ppl
  13. fuzzy_aus

    fuzzy_aus Newbie

    Same here pineapple guy, should be awesome.
  14. Llama

    Llama Tank

    My GMT is Mean time. WTF DOES THAT MEAN??? I live in Birmingham.
  15. Tropico

    Tropico Newbie

    8 AM here in sunshine land.
    So i suppose its some island like Samoa that gets to play first?
    Anyone from there?
  16. aeroripper

    aeroripper Tank

  17. ShyGuy91284

    ShyGuy91284 Guest

    You would think they would activate it at 12:00 AM... But has valve really confirmed this? They might not activate it till around noon for all we know. But knowing Valve, Gabe will probably be sitting there as excited to activate the activation as we are to play it.
  18. jb2002smg

    jb2002smg Newbie

    Bleh, this is lame. It should activate the second it is Nov 16th somewhere on Earth (i.e. at 12 AM in GMT+14), which is 5am EST/3am PST Nov. 15th. Which would be 2 hours 30 minutes. For lack of a better example, Halo 2 was released to each time zone as they hit midnight, with Steam, the complexities of activating it for individual timezones would be prohibitive, so they would just unlock it for everyone once its Nov. 16th somewhere.

    Anyway, I'll be hitting the sack at 8pm monday, wake up at 3am, restart steam to activate HL2 and comence playing.
  19. aeroripper

    aeroripper Tank

    Meh since steam is at their location they have the exact time they wanna unlock things at their office (PST) time... guess it keeps it slightly simpler for them hehe
  20. FISKER_Q

    FISKER_Q Newbie

  21. cheese04

    cheese04 Guest

    who even says that it will be released on those given times? u ever think of that? i heard its gonna be released 9am pst.
  22. Solomon

    Solomon Guest

    Well for starters your pulling that one out of thin air about the 9am thing. Secondly those chart times are nto even OFFICIAL. Those times were posted at the steam forums by a moderator and they were not even officially sanctioned by valve so they had them unsticky the thread and lock it. So dont be surprised if midnite comes and goes and no unlock of HL2 happens.
  23. FISKER_Q

    FISKER_Q Newbie

    With vivendi anything can happen. And i think that's the only reason why it has been unstickied and locked.

    Vivendi themselves has set this release as a release both parties need to agree and follow upon.

    Sofar Vivendi has let the game leak, so we can safely assume that their part of the deal is broken. Which is also why Valve were trying to unlock it.

    But Vivendi claims the game isn't out yet. And for all we know they could blatantly be using the australian 17th november to delay half a day.

    Edit: The topic isn't unstickied and locked, it's just unstickied.
  24. burzum

    burzum Guest

    Lazy people should learn to usw google.
  25. Robinhood_01

    Robinhood_01 Newbie

    I think you should be at school considering you can't spell finger
  26. Dead-Inside

    Dead-Inside Newbie

    Maybe you should retract your "fingure" and go to school, seems like you need it.

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

    HL2 out at my local GAME at 8AM. Event though the shop does not open till 9AM
  28. daveodeth

    daveodeth Newbie

    so were talking tuesday morning in the UK, as in tommorow morning. Don't flame me i'm so confused now about times dates and trusting them, i need it spelt out in big bold letters.
  29. Feath

    Feath Newbie

    What? Daylight savings has no affect on what time it is in a timezone. You just move Timezones. If your Time zone is GMT+3 in Winter, It'll be GMT+4 in Summer. This even applies for being who are in the GMT timezone in the UK. In the Summer we are using BST (British summer time), which is GMT+1. So that chart is 100% accurate.
  30. kayjay

    kayjay Newbie

    9am here, meaning there's only about 20 hours left! ;)
  31. Well, I'm in the +10 time zone, so I should be able to play at 6:00, but we're on daylight savings here, which means that 6:00PM occurs when the little hand on the clock is pointing to the seven...
  32. Asuka

    Asuka Companion Cube

    Gmt-5: 3:00 Am (16/11/04)

    Omfg God So Close. Im Probably Going To Beat The Game In 1 Sitting.
  33. jonnyapps

    jonnyapps Newbie

    damn i'm so st00pid. thought it was out on thursday. now i'm super pumped. Had also got the beers in but guess they can wait as 8am's a bit early for me. Maybe if it was 9...

    Oh and rofl to the guy who said 'my gmt is mean time'. lol
  34. Ruben

    Ruben Newbie

    "So i suppose its some island like Samoa that gets to play first?"

    Even if you live in places like Samoa you wont get to play the game before they activate it at Valve (or am i completely missing the point of time and space?) The time NOW, as in present time, is the same everywhere. The present somewhere else is not before my present here. The present is NOW everywhere.

    When Valve is opening the valves (ehehe) at a certain time in the space time continuum they aint doing it to you before they do it to me. So you.. living somewhere else wont get to play before me (not taking into account computations, netspeed and computer savvyness).
  35. Ecthe|ioN

    Ecthe|ioN Newbie

    I posted this a long time ago. 9 in the morning for me :)
  36. Ruben

    Ruben Newbie

    Heisan Vennesla :) Ja ... jeg ser at elkjøp selger spillet for 299 kr. Men det er bare hvis du bestiller det online. Men da regner jeg med at det vil ta noen dager før du får det + at det koster omlag 100 kroner ekstra for å sende det i posten. Så Omlag 400 kr. Da er det jo likegreit å ta det på Steam :)

  37. Kincaid

    Kincaid Newbie

    You left out Newfoundland GMT bro. 4:30AM it's -3:30.
  38. blinking halo

    blinking halo Newbie

    LOL nobody gets to play first... the time zones just dictate what part of the day its unlocked, but nobody will be able to play it earlier or later. I get it at 4 pm which is perfect, right after school, screw homework.

    woops, 3 posts inbetween make my post seem irrelevant. i was replying to the guy on about samoans getting it first.
  39. guchi

    guchi Newbie

    9 am, i can play all day :D but i have work experience for school :( but ive got thursday and friday off :D
  40. The Monkey

    The Monkey The Freeman

    Ha, I understood that! :LOL:

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