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no cs:s beta for hl2 owners?

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by aznboi04k, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. aznboi04k

    aznboi04k Guest

    this is outrageous! they are going to let cz owner play cs:s beta but they are NOT going to let people with hl2 coupon play beta. what the hell man? i have been grappling on too my coupon for months and months, expecting the game to be out soon. now that the public get a sneak peak of the game, we're NOT invited? GGRRRR VALVE!!! curse you and your wicked tormenting ways.
  2. DiSTuRbEd

    DiSTuRbEd Newbie

    HL2 has nothing to do with CS:S, but CZ does....so yeah you got something for free, people had to pay for CZ so, it is fair, quit complaining, if you want to test it, buy CZ >_>
  3. Mr-Fusion

    Mr-Fusion Tank

  4. The beta is only for two weeks. HL2 owners get the full game after that.
  5. Pi Mu Rho

    Pi Mu Rho ValveTime Admin | Enemy of fun Staff Member

    It's not a "sneak peek" of the game. It's a single level of CS:Source, intended to stress-test the netcode.
  6. Shuzer

    Shuzer Newbie

  7. sHm0zY

    sHm0zY Tank

  8. aznboi04k

    aznboi04k Guest

    wouldn't it make more sense to test it on people with the hl2 coupon then? they are the one with the hardware designed to work with the game. what better ideal scenario are there?
  9. The CZ owners on steampowered.com were complaining about how CZ wasn't different enough from CS.
  10. acme420

    acme420 Newbie

    what a stupid pointless thread (the one in the link not this one) how do they go from a email to gabe where the question isnt even answered to somehow hl2 coupon holders will get to try out cs:s beta? lol wow.
  11. DiSTuRbEd

    DiSTuRbEd Newbie

    Yeah there was coupons in 9600 Pro's, XT's, 9800XT's and a few others....so I mean why does it matter? I see on my gfx box at home "preferred graphics card for hl2" X800 Pro btw...I got no coupon.
  12. Pi Mu Rho

    Pi Mu Rho ValveTime Admin | Enemy of fun Staff Member


    If it's not a fake email (I'm not suggesting that it is), then it strongly suggests that it's true.
  13. acme420

    acme420 Newbie

    i must be going blind. prolly the horrible color scheme which is why i couldnt see the par t about the coupons.
  14. Crusader

    Crusader Newbie

    My confusion exactly.
  15. I don't see what's so confusing about it. He asked when CS:S beta was coming out, and Gabe told him. No actual dates, but it was still relevant.

    What's so confusing about that?
  16. Crusader

    Crusader Newbie

    *reads again*

    No I still don't see how that answers the question :p
  17. I'm reading it as "you'll be getting it after the cafes do, as long as you have CZ or a coupon".
  18. SubKamran

    SubKamran Newbie

    Exactly, it wasn't confusing
  19. Crusader

    Crusader Newbie

    I guess that could be how he means it. Still doesn't strike me as the most usual way to answer the question though.

    I dunno whether this adds to or detracts from the credibility of the mail.

    Maybe detracts from because it doesn't seem right.

    Maybe adds to because if it was a fake surely they'd have made it clearer and put a bit more effort in.

    The guys at valve spend about 3 seconds skipping over the email and then another 3 seconds replying, whereas fakers spend about 10 minutes trying to make it seem authentic :p
  20. sHm0zY

    sHm0zY Tank

    Man if this coupon thing is true ill be a happy man! =D
  21. Time2Choose

    Time2Choose Newbie

    I sent an email to Gabe...I'll let you all know...I'll also post in Valve Info Thread
  22. Greg Coomer

    Greg Coomer Newbie

    Hi. The current plan is to make the CS:S beta open to people who have an ATI coupon, probably at the same time that it's made available to those who own CZ.
  23. Orange

    Orange Newbie

    that seems pretty official to me, Lol
  24. Tork

    Tork Guest

    :bounce: Thanks Greg cant wait.
  25. Bicka

    Bicka Newbie

    U couldn't have mentioned this earlier before I bought CZ :hmph:
  26. DiSTuRbEd

    DiSTuRbEd Newbie

    Your fault.... :E
  27. 63

    63 Newbie

    Woohoo!! I can play the beta without ponying up $40!!
  28. Gunner

    Gunner Tank

    That was the whole point haha! :LOL:
  29. Bicka

    Bicka Newbie

    Ah well. My fault for jumping the gun I guess...

    ...Tooshay Valve....tooshay
  30. 63

    63 Newbie

    Will this include users who have already traded in their key for the Valve premier pack? (please say yes)
  31. Time2Choose

    Time2Choose Newbie

    Yes, the premier pack was really just a gift to hold us over until HL2 is released. People who chose not to get the premier pack either already had it, or didn't want to download it due to 56k.
  32. 63

    63 Newbie

    It said in the fineprint (I think) that it was one or the other, HL2 or the pack..?
  33. Time2Choose

    Time2Choose Newbie

    From the ATi site:

  34. Subatomic

    Subatomic Newbie

    :frown: I love how I bought the 9800XT with my stupid Dell and they didn't give me the coupon
  35. Time2Choose, you're a bit late ;)
  36. Time2Choose

    Time2Choose Newbie

    What? I was clarifying for Six Three.
  37. 63

    63 Newbie

    alright :p thanks :p
  38. Pitbul

    Pitbul Newbie

    y0u g0t s3rv3d, thats what you get for buying from dell instead of building a comp yourself.
  39. Reaperman

    Reaperman Newbie

    i got a 9600 pro 246MB (not for the coupon), but someone said i should have gotten a coupon, is this true?
  40. Sideswiped

    Sideswiped Newbie

    I believe it was the 9600se and 9600xt that came with the coupon. Thats how I got my coupon and my 9600pro(in a 9600se box :dork: )

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