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    Discussion in 'News' started by StarMonkey, Jul 10, 2003.

    We're looking for a few people to help out by gathering and posting news for this site.

    Also, anyone thats willing to contribute things such as articles, interviews etc.. would be appreciated.

    If you're interested in helping out, then please let us know by replying to this thread/news item (only post if you're willing to help us, any spam will be deleted)

    All of our news posts will be in English, and whilst we're not limiting applications to people from the UK, you must have a pretty good grasp of the language to post news for us.
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Discussion in 'News' started by StarMonkey, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. Axyon
    I'm definitely interested; anything to help out hl2.net!
  2. Dave
    Sure, that sounds good. I love grammatically correct English - Interested.
  3. bonanzaguy
    I'd love to help out with graphics or anything of that sort, although I'm fairly busy job searching at the moment ;D
  4. FiShEh
    Also interested
  5. Tommmo
    I'd like to help. I might be new to these boards, but I've long been a devotee to the Half Life cause. I'm a UK student with what I would like to consider a reasonable grip on the english language, and enjoy writing articles for subjects I enjoy. I have HTML knowledge, not too much more than that on the coding side but I'm enthusiastic. I'd like to help with any written side of things, though I'd have a good go at news scouting too.

    - Tommmo
  6. qckbeam
    I'd like to help
  7. Chris_D
    I'll contribute in anyway possible

    Edit: Spot the nice english? :rolleyes:

    I'll contribute in any way possible.
  8. ValVed RaY
    i'd like to help too
  9. Electrico
    I'm interested.

    I used to run bwcenter for mgon, as well as posting news for the now defunct InvisibleDream. I've also run my own set of websites before.

    I've got a lot of free time, as I'm unemployed at the moment and I'm currently into all things Half Life.
  10. Apos
    Interested and insanely talented.
    I'm intrested.

    I used to post for a "black and white" game website, so I do have a little experience.
  12. wbcheater
    im always out for a new job why not, besides this sounds fun...
  13. bx|ch3f_0z
    I'll be glady to help in any way I can. Sharing the digital decadence is kinda fun...
  14. Guest
    I'd be happy to help, though with all these others you won't require my use.
  15. PrimalGod
    count me in! I look at HL2 stuff all day, may as well be productive :)
  16. Killerlagger
    Very Interested used to work as a newsie on several sites (including www.tf2center.com which closed down due to well lack of game material :D). I'm English and have a good grip of the language also got lots of spare time at the moment :bounce: and very computer literate
  17. Sat
    EDIT: Forget it
  18. synth
    I am (and have been) interested for a while. I've even got a list of questions to ask Gabe after the new media comes out... I've already talked with several Valve employees so talking with them again shouldn't be as difficult as usual.
  19. Goddamn Freeman
    < Interested! whatever i can do to help.
  20. Kamakiri
    I'm interested.

    I use to post news and do interviews at www.stomped.com before it went down. I really enjoyed it to.

    You are most welcomed to ICQ me at 29164883 or email me. The details are in my forum account.

    I can also supply references to my pass Posting 'employment'. :)

    - Matt
  21. Kschreck
    I would be more then glad to give you my assistence. I am almost always available, and if you are looking for any Half-Life 2 or similar information I know it all.
  22. Prince of China
    Im really interested!But how are we gonna do this?
  23. LoneDeranger
    I'd be interested. What sets me apart from other people is that Valve answers 65% of my emails. :cheese:
  24. SpuD
    I would love to help.
  25. figge
    If anyone need graphical asistance, pm me.

  26. omlette
    I'd love to. I live and breathe Half Life, and it would be great to help out. Please consider me. :)
  27. Gojin
    I'm willing. I PM'd Munro about this a while ago, so I hope that helps, hehe.
  28. Rad
    Hi hi. I'm new to these forums, but I'm still interested in helping out. While my time is limited, I can still help in such ways as editing articles, interviewing, and whatever else you ask me to do. I have a fair grasp on the english language, so perhaps you can count me in on something =)

    Best way to contact me is through my email address: rad@mind-body-power.net

    Hope I can be of some assistance!
  29. Lantaarnpaal
    what up?
    would love to help!
  30. The Mullinator
    I am VERY interested, I have a very good grasp on grammar and the english language in general and I constantly surf the internet looking for any new Half Life 2 news. I would like to help any way that I can.
  31. Chris_D
    Something I didn't mention in my last post is that I also have a good grasp on grammar and the English language in general. I would also like to help in any way that I can :p
  32. Rampage
    I would be extremely interested in helping to make this community better.
  33. wbcheater
    halflife2.net hasnt responded to any of of our replies. :(
  34. The Mullinator
    Their probably busy updating the site, and/or they are deciding which of us to... interview?
  35. StarMonkey
    obviously we're not going to post after everyone saying "thanks for your interest" :)
    We'll probably be picking 4-5 people from those who've applied, and hopefully we'll announce them at some point this weekend (after we've had a chance to discuss who we'd like).

    But for everyone who has posted so far:
    Thanks for your interest in helping us out with the site, we'll be making a decision shortly :D
  36. TAZ
    I would love to help out... ummm.. but I have no time once HL2 ships :)
  37. StarMonkey
    I'll be posting an announcement regarding this thread shortly :)
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