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News from Gabe concerning Steam intrusion

Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Sliver

    Sliver Companion Cube

    An email has been sent out from Gabe alerting Steam users of the results from last year, in which Steam was hacked.[br]
    [br]So remember to always keep a watchful eye, and be sure to check Halflife2.net for any more updates!
  2. In other words, the private email address hosted on a custom domain that I haven't been using publicly otherwise might eventually be up for grabs in script kiddie circles and is likely going to see an increase in intrusion attempts as well as spam mail advertisements involving penis-enlargement pills, faked luxury goods and worthless university degrees. I guess I should've used a throw-away email address just like in most other places.

    I'm glad that the credit card that I've been using for purchases on Steam is expiring soon. Using Paypal or some such service for purchases on Steam might've been a better option as well.
  3. <RJMC>

    <RJMC> The Freeman

    honestly I have been getting a surge of penis enlargement spam and things like that recently on my mail,dont know if its related to the steam hack but is indeed after it

    I shouldnt be worried right? the card I was using expired in december last year,and I think I got it after 2008
  4. bobtheskull

    bobtheskull Party Escort Bot

    I'm not worried at all. Steam Guard was activated when it first became available to me. There is the possibility that my junk mail has increased a little since the hack, but its not something that overly bothers me. And I never use a credit card. All my transactions are done through paypal, which I routinely change the password on too. Hell, I don't have any money for people to steal from me anyways!

    At least Gabe is keeping users informed. I'd be more worried if it was all just rumours with Gabe dodging the community and saying nothing happened. *cough*PSN*cough*
  5. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman


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