New website soooo slow

Discussion in 'ValveTime Feedback' started by Dan, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Dan Tank

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    Seriously, it kills my browser at work (Firefox) and at home (Chrome). Sometimes I get hang ups for 5 or 10 seconds. Even when it's not freezing. Scrolling up and down I get about 1 fps jumps rather than a smooth scroll. And I can't tab out while things load because it's the browser that's frozen. The resulting effect is kind of like navigating those flash movie preview pages that try to make everything animate and show clips and stuff.
  2. Wanted Bob Companion Cube

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    Ottawa, Canada
    I had the same problem with Firefox, turns out the problem was that I didn't have the newest version. If you don't I would recommend updating your browser.
  3. Chris_D Administrator.

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    Yeah as Wanted Bob says, what version of Firefox are you using at work?

    This website is an incredibly modern and up to date platform so it uses some very advanced frameworks such as jQuery which can be completely screwed up in older browsers. Wanted Bob had major problems in Firefox 3.6.

    We cannot support old browsers, but of course if it is a more recent version then we can work on it to get it sorted.

    As for home, and being Chrome, I assume you are on the latest version as it auto-updates. Unless you somehow have this turned off? Could you just verify for us the Chrome version by clicking on Settings > About Google Chrome and let us know what version it is.