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Movie making in DoD:S + HUD removal

Discussion in 'Steam and Other Valve Games' started by Fragalishus, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Fragalishus

    Fragalishus Newbie

    Video tutorial for DoD:S movie making - Xvid codec required

    Covers basics on capturing, compiling options, and some very basic tips on doing slow-mos/fast forwards if you're limited to using Windows Movie Maker or another editor that lacks decent editing features.

    Video tutorial for using the HUD removal + necessary files - Xvid again

    Includes files needed to remove certain elements of the HUD for a cleaner movie. Also covers briefly how certain items were removed so you can take from that what you will and edit your own HUD. This tutorial also covers using custom movie making binds to increase work flow and saves you from having to type everything out each time you need to capture a scene. You can capture movies without hardly ever dropping console using these binds. Binds and files included.

    Screen shot of custom HUD

    To make your own HUD from scratch see this thead on dayofdefeat.net forums. (registration required)

    Demo smoother video tutorial - Xvid

    Tutorial for using the demo smoother to recam shots from a POV demo. Made using CS:S but same principles apply.

    *NOTE: Some demos will not allow you to make a selection in order to recam it. Probably a server variable, so nothing can be done about it that I'm aware of.

    Other useful links



    VTF plug-in for Photshop

    Nem's tools

    VTF shell extension/misc tools


    Lastly, anyone wanting to share tips/tricks or how they do certain things, like HUD editing or the like.

    Video tutorial for making video tutorials - Xvid

    This video tutorial, ironically, explains how to make high quality video tutorials while maintaining very low file sizes. (under 2mb per minute @ 1024)
  2. CookieCuttah

    CookieCuttah Newbie

  3. HiPNoTyQ

    HiPNoTyQ Guest

    do you need an actual video camera to film something?
  4. Fragalishus

    Fragalishus Newbie

    well i actually forgot to mention in the video tutorials, i just assumed anyone interested in doing a movie would have at least gotten as far as knowing how to record a demo. but if not, just drop console and type

    record demoname

    and you can name it whatever you want. type "stop" to stop recording the demo. then the tutorials explain the rest.
  5. Fragalishus

    Fragalishus Newbie

    Ok, I've played around with the "straight to avi" now. Doesn't seem to work very well with Divx, even when the bitrate is configured very high, so I still suggest using uncompressed or Huffy as the codec you choose. (when you start the movie a box pops up asking for a codec)

    The syntax is

    startmovie name avi

    And you still need to set the host_framerate to 30 or the file will not work properly.

    So if you wanted to set up binds similar to the ones I use in the 2nd tutorial you could do

    bind f9 strta
    alias strta "host_framerate 30; startmovie a avi; bind f9 strtb"
    alias strtb "host_framerate 30; startmovie b avi; bind f9 strtc"
    alias strtc "host_framerate 30; startmovie c avi; bind f9 strtd"

    bind f10 "endmovie; host_framerate 0"

    etc etc

    The avi's are saved in the "...username\day of defeat source" folder and NOT the mod folder (...day of defeat source\dod).

    Hard to tell if the quality is any better or worse than doing the "tga + wav" file and compiling them yourself. In the end it seems about the same so will at least save you the step of having to compile your avi.

    You can then still take these clips and compress them with Divx or Xvid as shown in the first tutorial if you don't have the HD space to use Huffy or UC for storage.
  6. Drackard

    Drackard Tank

    Don't Double Post :) Just use the edit button isntead :cheers:

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