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    TF2Stadium is proud to present: The "Masters of Classes" day of TF2 masterclasses. One morning a few weeks ago, BUICK, samiface, ScottJAw, and I were hanging out in a mumble casually discussing ways we could benefit the community and bring different aspects of TF2 together. After about an hour of conversation, the ideas for the "Masters of Classes" event—a name I'm a little bit too proud of—began developing into an actual plan. Here was a way to reach new players who were struggling to get more out of the game. A few weeks and many man (and woman) hours later, here we are! Just a couple weeks from now, we will be hosting the largest learning event in TF2 history.

    Here's a list of the classes we will be offering:

    *These classes will be streamed on

    Sign up for classes NOW:!

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