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Marc Laidlaw Vault

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by Asknoone, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    on nihilanth/combine

    xen controllers:


    portal storms, headcrabs:

    eli's leg:

    eli's leg:


    xen and beyond:

    xen/combine relation:

    episode 2 character:

    barney + blue shift + expansion involvement:


    black mesa + gordon's big day!:

    test chamber crystal

    the combine

    the hl saga guide

    the administrator initials 'lm'


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  2. Marc Laidlaw, when asked about where poison headcrabs, fast headcrabs and antlions appeared from and where bullsquids went:
    Marc Laidlaw, when asked if it will ever be decided at which point in time Eli lost his leg:
    Marc Laidlaw, when asked about what happened to Eli's leg:
    Marc Laidlaw, when asked about the classification of humans as part of the Combine and to what degree such story elements are thought through in advance:
    Marc Laidlaw expanding upon the choice of primarily using mimesis ("Show, Don't Tell") as a narrative technique in Half-Life:
  3. BigBoss7556

    BigBoss7556 Newbie

    So bullsquids still exist on earth that means?
  4. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Yes, as do all the other Xen aliens - wasteland. Thanks Marco.
  5. BigBoss7556

    BigBoss7556 Newbie

    It was good that Marc confirmed about the xen controllers because there are still people asking questions about what happened to them. The alien grunts suffered the same fate probably.
  6. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

  7. bigburpco

    bigburpco Tank

    Wow. Awesome thread.
  8. iminthepink

    iminthepink Guest

    Marc Laidlaw, when asked about the return of Adrian Shepard.

  9. Broso

    Broso Guest

    One further survivor eh? Adrian Shepard Adian Shepard! Well from what has said I think we can pretty much bank on it. He is basically saying "I'm not compelled to include stuff from the Gearbox titles because we didn't make them BUT there will be another character who survived Black Mesa you will be meeting." :)
  10. Sub-Zero

    Sub-Zero Guest

    would be nice if it was shephard, might actually get to see his face

    Perhaps shephard is the character that is going to be killed off perhaps
  11. xirow

    xirow Newbie

    I don’t think Samon is going to appreciate this …in his thread. :p
  12. kupocake

    kupocake Tank

    That sir, is exactly the problem with what you want. How are you supposed to visually identify a character you have never seen before?
  13. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    No more talk of Shepards return. :p
  14. 99.vikram

    99.vikram Tank

    If they showed him as more than the stereotypical gunslinger/asskicker, i'm all for Shephard's return. If he has any depth to his character, it would be nice - maybe a reminiscing alongside Freeman about Black Mesa. But if he's still wearing the mask, I'll defect to the Combine side...

    That said, I would much rather meet Rosenberg. <3 Rosenberg :)
  15. AHA-Lambda

    AHA-Lambda Newbie

    Rosenburg FTW!
  16. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

    I'd actually appreciate Shephard's return, it'd be an opportunity to reintroduce the PCV... maybe even the old BDU, if he was pulled out of the vortex not too long ago.

    The vorts might've went shopping at G-Man's:

    "Hey look, Freeman. Grab him, before G comes back."
    "Hey guys! Lookie what I found! *has Shephard* Got Marine?"
    "Yeah... we can keep him. Take-- OH SHIT! G IS BACK! Zap him, zap 'eem! Get Freeman and Sheep and GTFO here!"

    Though I must say it'll be propably Dr Rosenberg.
  17. AJ Rimmer

    AJ Rimmer Tank

    It should be mentioned in the quotes in the first post what they are referring to.
  18. d00d

    d00d Newbie

    About: Citadels and Nukes
  19. Sman

    Sman Guest

    I remember reading that it is very likely that Shepard will be the dude in Portal... His name is alot like the gun abbreviation.
  20. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    The character in Portal is female.

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

  22. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Kim Swift interview. No link. IGN, maybe.
  23. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    The lead designer of Portal made a slip of the tongue where where she said 'she', and them immediatly corrected herself and said 'the main character'.
  24. AHA-Lambda

    AHA-Lambda Newbie

    hmm she is hiding something, maybe it is the 2 female characters from HL: Decay!! :O

  25. Max35

    Max35 Tank

    I wouldn't mind if Shepard returned. As long as it was done in a thoughtful manner.
  26. Ridge

    Ridge Newbie

    Agreed. Not just some portal appear in front of you and a Marine walks out with a half dozen weapons strapped to his shoulders and back....
  27. bigburpco

    bigburpco Tank

    IMO it'd be better to hear about him in a different way.
  28. well int he context of that statement from marc, he could very likely be refering to otis, the magnum weidling fat security guard.

    Though i think it was implied somewhere that the new character was a scientist.

    Still, i'd love to see Adrian make an appearance, if only to be the only other character who is willing to talk about the gman.

    Just imagine that you meet him at some point in the game, and he gets nervous, looks over his shoulders and begins to ask you what you know about the guy in the suit, telling you what he knows. That he's creeped out to all hell. And that the guy in the suit put him there and he doesn't know why. etc. Basically it'd just be nice to meet a character who is being used as a pawn, just like you.
  29. Crimo

    Crimo Newbie

    forget about shephard, i dont think he'll return ever, i like shephard though
  30. Ophiguris

    Ophiguris Newbie

    FORGET ABOUT SHEPHARD??? Never, they have to bring him back eventually, I mean, we've seen every other character return to the game, but we still have not seen Shephard... I know that LOTs of you hate him, but he's too good of a character to give up, even if he becomes a Synth like boss and Gordon has to kill him, I still want to know what happens to him!
  31. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Hahaha! Amusing.
  32. Ophiguris

    Ophiguris Newbie

    AMUSING??? how?

    No, let me guess, you hate him too. How is he not a good character??? Honestly, because I still haven't had one person fully explain to me WHY they hate Shephard...
  33. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    How is he character??? Quite like Gordon, though he's more of one than Shephard due to the player. If that sounds confusing, it is, but I can't word it any better.
  34. W4d5Y

    W4d5Y Newbie

    Marc Mails

    When asked about Barney's identity and the fate of the Black Mesa:
    when asked about Race X:
    and finally, when asked about the credibility of Gordon and Barney's firendship, cause they can't know each other for very long, if Gordon came from Austria just a week before asigning to the facility and triggering the resonance cascade:
    this all the interresting information I managed to gather from him so far.
  35. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Very interesting stuff W4d5Y, very interesting indeed. So Barney in HL2 isn't actually the one in Blue Shift. Hmm. I always found it odd when someone said Laidlaw wrote the expansion scripts, because I'd never seen confirmation. But hey, now we know he didn't.

    First post - updated!
  36. Ophiguris

    Ophiguris Newbie

    I think I get what you're saying, but I only have 2 good guesses

    1. Gordon ha dmore history and concepts about his character, Here was the MIT Ph.D Professional scientist and such who has this history of playing games with Barney and such where as with Shephard, he's a soldier, who comes in BM after his Osprey (the plane) is shot down.

    2. Gordon has more instances that show some amount of attitude, like what the player can do and you are more open to act like a true scientist trapped in BM rather than being stuck with the soldier stereotype and (even though you may not notice) because you are playing as asoldier, your brain (or sub concious) begins to alter your messages in a more serious manner just because of one suggestion of Adrian's history.
  37. Shephard's awesome, and he's coming back, there really shouldn't be anymore arguing about it- it's just boring

    Hope we can all just shut up about!
  38. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    Shepard sucks, and he isn't coming back. :p
  39. Darkside55

    Darkside55 The Freeman

    Shephard sucks, and he will be coming back. Don't forget that Gabe likes him, Samon.

    Interesting stuff, Wadsy. Thanks for all that. Valve's said Gearbox stuff should be taken as canon, yet Laidlaw is refining that statement to "only the elements we continue in the HL story should be considered canon." Which isn't nullifying the previous statement, just blacking out a lot of needless/questionable/stupid content that came from the expansions. Or rather, you could consider everything from the expansions to be canon up to the point where they conflict with the main HL storyline, something like an errata. "Where x conflicts with y, substitute x." X being expansion material and y being Valve's continued content. He even says the same for contradictions between HL1 and HL2.

    It's also interesting what he says about Barney. Valve wanted him to be called Calhoun, not Barney, and Gearbox took that and developed their own story with him. But Marc doesn't picture the same Barney from Blue Shift when he's writing for HL2, and he doesn't take the Gearbox expansion into account when writing HL2. Which seems to suggest, rather than there being two Barney Calhouns (one from BS and one from HL and HL2), that there was only one Barney Calhoun at Black Mesa, and Blue Shift never happened.
  40. Crimo

    Crimo Newbie

    well... I felt that thing about barney like a kick in my b**ls... its just not fair they play with names like that... what i see is valve is like pissed off with gearbox forever, and we have to pay for that... baaah

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