Featured Manny Llamas' Half-Life artwork

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    In 2011, a photo of a mysterious Combine Soldier artwork appeared on the internet. The photo was taken by an unknown person when he or she visited Valve's office. Some fans claimed that the image was created for a possible new Half-Life title in development even though it contradicted with style rules set for Half-Life 2 by former company artist Ted Backman.

    In reality, it was part of a series of fan images created by artist Manny Llamas, who also worked at the company many years ago. It was placed on walls with other fan creations in the company's office. Llamas published two of these images on his personal website for a short time. The other images were also available on unlisted pages of his website.

    The images were done when Llamas was employed at LucasArts Entertainment, so it is possible that he created them to apply for a job at the company the second time. We tried to reach him for a comment, but he did not (or could not) respond to our email.


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    I love the look of those alternate Headcrabs/Symbiocrabs. Would be great to see those implemented into a future Half-Life game when/if we ever get one.
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    the headcrab and strider art are stunning

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