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Making a Gordon Freeman Costume for Halloween.

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by StickFigs, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. StickFigs

    StickFigs Newbie

    I have a HL2 concept art refrence for the costume and I already got some supplies to start making it.

    Anyone else going to be Gordon Freeman? or any other HL character? Or maybe a L33T CREW?

    Has anyone seen any really cool Gordon Freeman costumes? pics please! 8D

    NSPIRE Newbie

    Can't say that I've seen anybody wearin' a Gordon Freeman costume, or anything else from Half-Life for that matter... :-/

    I'll tell ya' though, if I do come across anything.
  3. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    I'm carving a pumpkin, with the Hl2 symbol...too bad my scanner doesn't work...but I'll update you guys, when it does.
  4. The Dark Elf

    The Dark Elf Newbie

    a HEV would be expensive to make a costume of by the looks of it.. And you probably left it a bit late to make one of any quality, unless its for next year :)

    Do the barnacle on your head with it stuck to a ceiling tile like in that half-park pic, i really really liked that
  5. Chode

    Chode Newbie

    Here in Australia, Halloween isn't the same here as it is in America (and other countries that I can't think of). We don't "trick or treat" or dress up. Sometimes people throw parties, but that's about it. (well, I'm talking about Canberra, Australia. Probably different in different areas).

    Anyway, recently a friend of mine at where I am studying 3D graphics told me that I had Gordon Freeman facial hair. I was shocked, until I compared a photo of myself and the concept for Gordon (top left of this page). A disturbing similarity....well, if Gordon had long hair it would be.
  6. chu

    chu Newbie

    I have to much self esteem to dress up as a PC game character.
  7. UltimateNinja

    UltimateNinja Newbie

    rofl :p most likley, noone will recognise you :p
  8. RandomPING

    RandomPING Newbie

    I plan to be too drunk to dress up as a PC game character.
  9. ShaithEatery

    ShaithEatery Newbie

    If I had time I would have liked to be somebody from HL, maybe Barny cuz he's my freaking hero!!!

    But for this year, I'll be Silent Bob and stand next to my friend dressed up as Jay at the local Hank's Quick Stop (REALLY A QUICK STOP!!! W007!!!)
  10. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    Well, well, well; Someone seems to think low of having fun. I happen to be a NAVY Recruit, work a 9 hr-a-day job, and will soon be working a second job. Just because I'm older, doesn't mean I can't enjoy my nature. We're humans; I think we can stand to have some seemingly "childish'' fun.

    BTW: It's people that hide in their rooms, paintballing bystanders, that you should worry about criticizing. Second post down, you'll see what I mean.

    And one more thing: Women aren't things, and I doubt you'll be doing one as attractive as her, if at all.
  11. RandomPING

    RandomPING Newbie

    I was the one that was condoning murder, third post down.
  12. Chode

    Chode Newbie

    I HAVE been gone a while.....

    When did GhostValkyrie become a moderator :eek:

    Congratulations are in order, or condemnations of myself for been so blind as having missed the title continuosly.
  13. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    It came about today, I was surprised as well... In fact, I thought I was only seeing what I wanted.

    Thanks for the congrats.
    No condemnations, this time. ;)
  14. nw909

    nw909 Newbie

    Halloween = tommorow, good luck on making a gorodn costume in one day.
  15. Chode

    Chode Newbie

    What the......did you just quote a section of the bible to back up your argument? Are you braindead or something? I mean, seriously dude, that's pretty messed up. Why dontcha argue that the taking of life is wrong in the game, or that there can't be aliens because God made earth or something like that? Or that Gordon having a ponytail is an abomination?

    Seriously, I never recommend using the bible as evidence. That's just messed up.:flame:

    When I was a HL1 fan, I typed as a HL1 fan, I thought as a HL1 fan: But when HL2 was delayed, I pulled out the keyboard and flamed Gabe's a$$!!!!!!!! -The book of Chode 09:11
  16. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie


    I think very many of these forum goers have become men. At least I know I have. And I don't think you should be judging, anyone, in anyway. Hell, with my job I won't be able to carve a pumpkin...but that's irrelevant. The point is, we can still revisit our childhoods, from time to time...and shouldn't have to worry about what Mr.Chip_On_His_Shoulder, has to say. That action doesn't mean we live in that time, nor does it make us any less mature. And if you're so grown-up; Why are you hanging around a gaming forum?

    BTW: Do you think it's childish, and immature, that I've decided to sacrifice my freedoms to protect the freedoms of others?
    I'm quite sure you know little about I, or any of these other forum members. This thread was about something enjoyable; If you continue to spew personal rhetoric, as fact, I'll have to do something. I don't want to be a jerk, but this is the kind of thing that bends these forums, out of shape.

    Chode, don't poke fun at the Bible, or anyone's religion...not only is it wrong, but it can quickly turn this thread into a hotbed, for hostile debate.

    I've let this drag on too far; The argument ends here. Sorry, but I'm afraid this will get out of hand, if I let it continue.
  17. I'm pretty young, but I wouldn't wear any costume unless it was the best costume ever.
    But that's just me. Y'see I'm not everyone, and my taste is unique.

    The opposite applies:
    If someone makes a HL2 pumpkin, who gives a damn? It's not like he's going to throw it at your house or something.

    If you put away childish things, what are you even doing here?
    You lost your right to decry immaturity the minute you signed up on a videogame discussion forum. No amount of biblical quotes is going to change that fact.
  18. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    It doesn't put me a level above anyone else, I shouldn't have used it as an example, but I joined for a good reason. And I don't think you have the authority to judge, either. I want this argument to stop, and I want it to stop now. I'm sure you're a good guy as well, but things have to stay civil. People come here to have good time, and chat; They shouldn't have to worry about someone pushing personal views, on them. The argument is over, unless it can SOMEHOW become a civil debate. Maybe you should make a Poll about how mature it is to carve Hl2 pumpkins, and dress up like a video game character.

    BTW: I never said I was trick or treating, or dressing up. All I was going to do was make a pumpkin. Is that so wrong?
  19. MultiVaC

    MultiVaC Tank

    Hey, what happened to the guy with the Combine costume? That was cool.

    I don't trick-or-treat anymore. I always hated all the condensation on my mask and the old cranky people that said "What are you supposed to be" if your costume didn't cover your face, and people dogs who would run out and drool on your pants as soon as the door opens. The last few years I just wandered the streets aimlessly, meeting up with people I knew and putting up my hood and a rubber mask if I felt like it. It's fun, only getting candy once or twice and just being nocturnal for a while.
  20. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    Can't you read? I just said I wasn't dressing up, or trick or treating. I think I'm way to old for that, in fact, it's illegal here in Texas - at my age, unless you're taking a child ''trick or treating.''

    All I wanted to do was make a damn pumpkin, and now I don't even care...not like I had time anyway. By the time I get home from work; Those kids will be knocking my door down.
  21. Chode

    Chode Newbie

    Ok, Ghost. Sorry, I retract what I said.

    I never intended to come across as "anti-christian" or against any religion whatsoever. I only found it displaced for a quote from the bible to be used to back up arguments here.

    I didn't bring spirituality into the convo, only responded to it.

    EvilWok, lighten up !!!!!
  22. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    No, there is no point...but it makes people scratch their heads. And I'd much rather make people confused, than to go out and ruin their day...like the punks that stole my neighbors pumpkins...TWICE!!! They also stole the heads off of his Lawn Ghouls, along with deflating his giant inflated pumpkin.
  23. Reborn

    Reborn Newbie

    haha gordon costume... the hev suit is kinda hard to do...

    well the past week i've been thinking of doing a Half-life related costume... and.. i decided

    I'm gonna be a Zombie.. you know, a scientist with a headcrab attached to his head. Yup, i made the headcrab, like a stuffed animal.. lol it's cool, and i have the scientist lab suit, glasses and blue colar shirt and tie.. awesome, hahah! i'll send the pics once i get my digital camera working
  24. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    Highly understandable, but others might take it that way. I found it displaced as well. And I don't think the Bible should be used as a weapon, EvilEwok. *Shakes finger*
    Not to say you were doing that, but it certainly came off that way.

    Hopefully, each of us has learned a lesson from this argument. Now, let's all find common ground.
    I saw we talk about Half-life 2, for a change. ;)
  25. DarkAsHell

    DarkAsHell Guest

    Wow Halloween is so Junior High...I just scare kids who come to my house and chill with friends. O yea you guys have some cool emotions here :afro:
  26. nw909

    nw909 Newbie

    More like its so personal opinion.
  27. GhostValkyrie

    GhostValkyrie Newbie

    I agree with you on that, EvilEwok. But the Bible is a very controversial issue; If enough people came in here, and had strong feelings on the subject, the forums would become quite hostile. And that's the last thing we want. If this subject were to continue; I'm sure the Pledge of Allegiance would have been brought up, at some point.
  28. Reborn

    Reborn Newbie

    reminds me of the Thirty Years' War and the Peace of Westphalia :cool:
  29. Chode

    Chode Newbie

    indeed :bounce:
  30. People like EvilEwok are actually young boys who where *censored* by their priests. This gives them a very unique perspective on how entertaining certain things are.
  31. Bleeder

    Bleeder Newbie

    I don't find belittling people for their personal tastes to be a very mature thing to do. In fact I think that repeatedly stating how much more mature you are than a given person only begs the opposite interpretation. If you are really that worried about how mature you are, or how mature you appear to others, then may i suggest you acknowledge the fact that in life their are many differing beliefs and viewpoints, and be satisfied with the fact that nobody will make you go out trick or treating, or dress up in a costume if you don't want to. You also do not seem to want to acknowledge the fact that to the vast majority of society, videogames ARE still seen as a juvenial pastime, and most people (wether they would say it out loud or not) would consider an "adult" playing videogames to be rather immature. Sorry for this rant, but i don't enjoy it when people needlessly mock others for personal preferences, especially while vaunting their own supposed level of maturity.

    Do unto others.
  32. *gets a tear in his eye* That's magical man...

    Excellently put.
  33. DrEvil

    DrEvil Newbie

    and posting replies on a game website to grade schoolers is the best way to spend one's time?
  34. .5c0ut-WHoR3.

    .5c0ut-WHoR3. Newbie

    No kids go out around my area on halloween, it's mostly high schoolers going around egging houses.
  35. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    hahaha, wont be here for halloween so no gordan costume for me, lol

    just the thought, sorry to say this but if i saw someone ina a gordan costume i'd just think, Dork!!!
  36. I will not make fun of anyone planning to dress up like Gordon for Halloween. If that's your thing, it's okay by me. We all have our ways to express our enthusiasm with Half Life. Just make sure you make a few pics and post them here :devil:
  37. Bleeder

    Bleeder Newbie

    "lol! DefaultUserName, Bleeder, Dr. Evil, looks like we have a rather large number of adult tricker treaters among us.

    aawwww, did i strike a nerve with something i said? Dressing up in cute wittle costumes for halloween are we? Plan to get a sackful of tasty wittle treats do we? aawww, how cute the grown folks are when they dress up in scary wittle costumes and knock on doors for candy with all the cute wittle children!"

    ....said the self proclaimed bastion of maturity. I am sorry if what i said offended you, but surely you understand that at this point making remarks like that only make you seem less mature. I tried to state my opinion in a non-offensive way, and you respond with schoolyard taunts. Speaking of struck nerves....
  38. king John I

    king John I Newbie

    ok ok, so insulting them is a bit far gone, i admit, i'm sorry for insulting whoever i did.

    but still, i dont love half life THAT much, why dont you make a pape mache headcrab instead?
  39. bamdth47

    bamdth47 Newbie

    Trick or treat,
    Trick or treat,
    Give us something good to eat,
    If you dont, We dont care,
    We'll pull down your underwear.

  40. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    EvilEwok, your attitude isn't exactly a big hit with anyone here at the moment. This is a community and we don't need comments like "Still in grade school are we? If not then you should realize that there are much better things to be doing with your time.

    Trick or treating? Rediculous."

    Oh, and the fact that you seem to like arguing about all these petty little things indicates to me that you're not exactly the most mature member of the forum either.

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