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    Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, May 23, 2006.

    It's been a while since we had any sort of on-going feature here at Halflife2.net, but today I'm pleased to announce that we're now running a mailbag feature!
    Every month we'll set a topic and all you need to do is e-mail us with your opinions and you might have the chance of winning a top prize if you submit the best letter to us.
    This month's topic is about Episodic gaming and you can read the full details, here.
    The best letters and the winner will be published in two weeks time, when once again we'll be posing another topic.
    Got something else to say? Just e-mail us anyway!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, May 23, 2006.

  1. Solaris


    Chris D stole the prizes, sold them to someone, and used to money to live in fiji didn't he :(

    That really sucks, can you not get Ikerous to hack into the entires or something :(

  2. Kadayi

    Perhaps in that case it would be a good idea to delete this news post completely, as it serves little purpose but to remind us of a site failing. In the event of there being any future competitions I suggest that Munro take charge of the prizes/distribution (as he's not going anywhere).

  3. Solaris
    Why did it take so long to tell us what was happening, I even read hints that a winner had been found and they were sendng the prize to him/her.

    It's complete crap. I'm really angry, I'm not sure at whom, but I am.

    I suggest we declare Chris_D forum public enemy number one. Numbers can lead the hate parades!
  4. Sulkdodds
    Natch is short for naturally and not 'nada' or 'zilch'.
  5. ^Ben

    All that can be really said.
  6. Sprafa
    I'm glad Chris_D left. That means Munro's all alooooneee.
  7. Solaris
    I feel like a schmo
  8. Zephos
    Chris_D is now Anti-Citizen One it seems.
  9. ríomhaire
    We need a hacker!
  10. Solaris
    Get ikerous on the job.

    You promised us a winner who wins a prize. Its not an unatainable goal. Why not ask us to re-send in the entries if need be?
  11. Pi Mu Rho
    because we currently don't have a prize?
  12. ríomhaire
    Ikerous is having computer problems! D:
    Get Idonno, maybe she picked something up off him!
  13. Solaris
  14. Beerdude26
    Wow this is screwed up :|
  15. AJ Rimmer
    This sucks, I never even got a chance to send in an entry cause I was told there would be more in the future.
  16. Solaris
    I demand Munros head!
  17. Sulkdodds
    He'll give you head alright.
  18. Solaris
    Really though.
    Doesn't cut it Munro.
    So many of us wasted alot of our time writing a letter. And did the head of the site even apologise for false advertisement and breach of contract? Nope.
  19. Kadayi
    Chris was running the competition, not Munro...hardly fair to hold him responsible tbh.
  20. Solaris
    He's the site director and is thus legally responsible, or possibly the web hosts.
  21. ríomhaire
    Bitching won't help you get a prize Danny.
  22. Kadayi
    You need better legal advice :dozey:
  23. Solaris
    False advertising.
    Breach of Contract
  24. Munro
    False advertising?
    Breach of Contract?

    This is a fan site mate, not a company. Rubbish like that doesn't apply here. If you want to moan go moan at Chris.
  25. Kadayi
    Solaris = OWNED :smoking:
  26. Solaris
    No but your web host is a company and are legally responcable for the material they host. Don't mis-understand me, I would never try to get the site taken down or damage it, just it could probably be done, and you; as site director should try and prevent such an occurence. And a good step towards that would be apologising to the pissed of people.
  27. Kadayi
    If a Sales person runs over you in a BMW, who is responsible? The Driver, his company or BMW? According to your logic it's BMW....
  28. Solaris
    The hosting company are legally responcable for what they host. BMW don't own the car, Valve own the webspace to this site. Valve are responcable for its content, put simply.
  29. Pi Mu Rho
    Actually, Valve pay the hosting bill. Limelight host the site. They're not actually legally responsible for the content of their hosted sites (that's what EULAs are for) The hostee is responsible for the content.
  30. Solaris
    They are too. A guy sued a hosting company a while ago for not taking down material that contained lies about him. I can't remeber they name of the guy, so I can't find a source. I'll investigate further.
  31. Pi Mu Rho
    That doesn't make them responsible. Limelight (again, not Valve, as you seem to have failed to address that point) don't police content. They can refuse to continue your hosting with them, they can delete your content but they are not responsible for it.
  32. Angry Lawyer
    Hint - you weren't the winner, Solaris, so even if you were right, you'd still not get a prize.

    -Angry Lawyer
  33. Solaris
    I thought only Chris D had access to the mailbag?
    The plot thickens.
  34. Pi Mu Rho
    I'm getting tired of explaining this.

    A winner was picked during the brief time that we had access to the mailbag. Then it was discovered that the prizes were in absentia. Then we couldn't get access to the mailbag in order to do the writeup. So because there's no prize, and because we can't reproduce the actual entries, we're not announcing the winner because it wouldn't be fair on that person. Suffice it to say that it's not you.
    Now stop looking for conspiracies where there are none.
  35. Hectic Glenn
    Except Chris_D MAY be bigfoot, we've never got a decent photo.
  36. Kadayi
    Q:How many conspiracy theorists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A:Two. One to change the lightbulb, and another to find out who really changed the lightbulb. ;)
  37. Chris_D

    I'm sure it hasn't gone unnoticed, but I don't have much time to post here anymore.

    I haven't logged into the site for a long time up until now and to be honest I'm rather disgusted at how this hasn't been resolved yet.

    Yes, I was running the competition, and yes, I had prizes in my posession, but they got lost over a year ago when I moved home.

    I told everyone in our staff forum that more prizes would be available to us. We just needed to let Doug Lombardi know so he could send the prizes to one of us staff members. I had to go absent from the site for a while after that, but why wasn't it possible for anyone to e-mail Doug and say they would issue the prizes out?

    As for the log in details for the competition entry mailbox... I've lost count of how many times I've given them to various members of staff but they've forgotten them... again.

    I can forgive this, however, so I will make a post in our staff forum giving every member of staff the login details. I'll also leave them with some clear and concise instructions they should be able to follow quite easily and perhaps this will all finally get sorted.
  38. Ennui
    I do not believe it's entirely fair to place this all on us, nor should such a reprimand be placed in a public forum. If we want to get into specifics, we all thought that you still had the prizes, and that you were attempting to find them after you lost them, rather than asking for more from Valve. Many members of the staff, myself included, have asked for but never recieved the log-in details you speak of.