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    Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, May 23, 2006.

    It's been a while since we had any sort of on-going feature here at Halflife2.net, but today I'm pleased to announce that we're now running a mailbag feature!
    Every month we'll set a topic and all you need to do is e-mail us with your opinions and you might have the chance of winning a top prize if you submit the best letter to us.
    This month's topic is about Episodic gaming and you can read the full details, here.
    The best letters and the winner will be published in two weeks time, when once again we'll be posing another topic.
    Got something else to say? Just e-mail us anyway!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, May 23, 2006.

  1. ^Ben
    What was the prize?
  2. Sulkdodds
    No idea.

    Basically, (I'm pretty sure it's okay to say this and if it isn't someone can delete the post):
    - we lost access to the account containing entries
    - we gained access to the account containing entries
    - we lost the prizes
    - it was determined that prizes could be obtained but someone was needed to recieve them and then handle P&P costs for outward journey
    - a few tentative volunteers
    - nothing happened
    - I tentatively volunteer
    - Munro says if he's told the winning entry and so forth he'll send the damn prizes himself
    - nothing happens
    - after a week, Sulkdodds thinks "wasn't it sui who was judging them? I'm sure he finished. Has he told Munro, either now or ages ago?"
    - Sulkdodds PMs Sui but no reply.
    - Sulkdodds phones Sui but the line is engaged.
    - Suspense!
  3. Solaris
    Nice to know somethings happening.
  4. Kadayi

    Oh my aching ribs
  5. Ennui
    oh, we're trying. it's all quite embarrassing, and ****ing annoying
  6. DVS82
    So what's going on now? Is Munro doing anything? Is ANYONE doing anything? What was the last event that happened pertaining to finding a solution to this matter.
  7. Pi Mu Rho
  8. DVS82
    Yeah, strangely enough, I can read. So are you saying nothing has progressed since Sulks made that post a week ago? Nothing else has happened to move things along any further?

  9. Kadayi
    The words Brewery and Pissup spring to mind
  10. Pi Mu Rho

    Ah, sarcasm.

    Anyway, we know who the winner is. A prize is being (slowly) sorted out, and the mailbag itself is all being written up as it should be (apparently). No idea on timescales.
  11. DeusExMachina
    10 bucks we don't see mailbag again for a long time. Who wants in.
  12. Kadayi
    Well a lot depends upon the nature of the prizes. If they are worthwhile I'll consider entering another competition.
  13. Munro
    It's a key ring with "HL2" marked on it with a felt tip pen.
  14. UltimaApocalypse

    **** I didn't send in a letter!
  15. CyberPitz
    That is actually really cool..I want one now. :(
  16. Kadayi
    I think I got one of those for that article I wrote for you guys way, way back in the mists of time ;)
  17. The Brick
  18. DVS82
    I think what Solaris is trying to say is, "so what the f**k please, gentlemen?" Munro filing his nails? The computer on which the entries were being typed up broke and now you're awaiting a new PC before you can continue? Chris stole the replacement prize as well?

    Very much looking forward to hearing this week's excuse, at any rate. My money's on:

    "It's nearly done, promise. We continue to know who the winner is and still have the prize ready, we now just need to wait until all site staff are sat at their computers simultaneously and a crescent moon adorns the night sky before the time is right to announce the winner."
  19. Sulkdodds
    The last I heard, Sui/Munro/Chris_D were 'writing it up'. Munro inisted on 'writing it up' but being, by now, entirely disassociated from this compo I don't know what that entails. I have a fair inkling, however, that the problem is thus: all stuff is on an email account, which Chris_D has the keys to. And Chris_D cannot be contacted.[/idle_speculation]
  20. Pi Mu Rho
    I suspect that you'll find the answer to be "no-one is taking this as seriously as you do, and are generally doing other things as this doesn't really seem to be a very high priority".
  21. DVS82
    No shit. Perhaps, just maybe, that's what's annoying us idiots who took part? We're the gullable prats who took the trouble to pen a letter for this two-bit website and now that the competition is done and dusted, no-one here has the decency to award one of us a prize, indeed as f**king promised, for our efforts. You just said it yourself perfectly: "this doesn't really seem to be a high priority". Well, that's just brilliant. I wish I had the hindsight to know what a bunch of chimps were running this site (with a few exceptions like Sulkdodds); if I did, I wouldn't have bothered. But since I and many others did bother, forgive me if now 4 MONTHS LATER, I would like something done about it.
  22. DVS82
    In fact, f**k it, I'm writing a brief email to Gabe now. It's only fair that they know what happens to the prizes they give to websites like this, when it's promised they'll be awarded to winners of site-run competitions.
  23. Sulkdodds
    I thought he was berating the apparent apathy of those who organised the compo.
    Not 'none of us care shut up shut up'.
    But! I might be wrong.
    To be quite honest I don't know why the prize hasn't been sent. Might as well get it out even if the write-up's going to take ages.
  24. Pi Mu Rho
    Hey, I'm just telling it like it is. When the whole debacle first came to light, it was discussed by the staff. Nothing happened. It gets discussed again later on. Nothing happens. Repeat several times.
    What I don't appreciate are your insults to the staff and site, when there are only one or two specific individuals responsible for this. The majority of the site staff aren't aware of the whole situation and certainly aren't in a position to do anything about it.
    By all means, write to Gabe. I hope it achieves something, because nothing else has so far.
  25. DVS82
    Sorry. Like Sulkdodds said, it seems I mis-interpreted your post as "no-one cares, we've got better stuff to be doing, now shut the hell up." Which obviously didn't help matters. As for my insults, they're borne out of frustration - I don't know any of you, I have no clue what you're like in real life. All I know is that I'm still waiting on the results of a competition that ended in BLOODY MAY. And it's nearly September. I just didn't realise Doug Lombardi was involved in the scheduling of this competition, that's all.

    Anyway, I imagine Valve are too busy to do anything about something as completely trivial as this, but at least they're aware of it now, if nothing else.
  26. ríomhaire
    Does the winner know they've won?
  27. Solaris

    whats going on
  28. Kadayi
    * 10 years later....
  29. Sulkdodds
    Well, guys, it's like this...since the war against the Irridans in 2056, our server has been acting up, and hrrrgh <heart attack>
  30. Munro
    I've given up on it. Chris_D was running the compo and Sui was meant to be judging it and writing it up. Chris_D has now left the site leaving us with no way to access the compo entries and apparently the prizes in his safekeeping have gone 'missing'. Not much we can do now except forget about this whole mess.
  31. DVS82
    Missing my arse. Everyone knows what a fanboy Chris is - thieving little bastard, more like. I hope he gets his karma soon.

    As for the competition, what to say? You were up-front (eventually!) but it doesn't change the fact that the organisation was a total shambles and I wasted too much time writing that letter and chasing up the results of doing so. I know I'm only one person out of many, and therefore don't matter, but personally I've lost too much respect for this site to continue bothering with it anymore, through this whole debacle. I'll move over to HLFallout, if I'm after Valve-related news or compos in future. Thanks to those who did at least try to be of some help during this affair though - you know who you are.
  32. Gray Fox
    Well can't Chris_D be contacted, doesn't any of you have his cellphone number?
  33. Tee Kyoo Em
    Well, it just doesn't strike me as a very smart move on his part to seemingly run away with prizes that have been entrusted to him by Valve, when his full address details can be looked up using a simple 'whois' search on his domain www.sinepisodes.net.

    Anyway, now that the cat is out of the bag, I'd really like to know what was so "damned awesome" about the "top prize" that it was worth for Chris Deeming to ruin his name as well as the reputation of this site.
  34. Hectic Glenn
    Just valve goodies, Doug Lombardi sends them to us in a big ol' box (lots of the stuff from the valve shop) and we can use them for competitions. What happened was Chris moved house and now he can't find the box for 2 months in his new house, so our hands were tied. D:
  35. Sui
    Chris keeps signing into MSN "on a mobile device", but I've poked him asking for the login info three times now and he never replies. I sent him a PM too, and so far, natch.