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Discussion in 'Game Modifications' started by Argyll, Nov 7, 2004.

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    The Source Development Kit... SDK. Many of you have downloaded it and are eager to start on your development with Source - big or small.

    These tools are probably not for everyone. I'll tell you right now, I am quite experienced with Hammer since its Worldcraft days and yet I still need to get used to the new 4.0.

    If you're looking to jump into this world of mapping... read the documentation thoroughly. THEN come crying for help if you're still having troubles. I look to try and help people here, yet I don't since they are such repeated questions and would even be answered in the SDK Documentation.

    Who should have the SDK? Mod Teams and anyone who is interested in getting into modding on Source (whether it be maps, models, or textures). You shouldn't download it for the sake of having it and trying things out if you have no direction for yourself at all.

    I will attempt to answer some common reoccuring questions regarding the SDK:

    Why can't I get it?

    You must have preloaded HL2 or have CS: Source installed with Steam -- chances are you don't have it if it doesn't show up in the Tools section of the Play Games.

    Why isn't Hammer configured?

    For me, it automatically configured Hammer. For you, that may not be the case. Valve has even published how to set up Hammer manually here:

    Where is the source code?

    This isn't the entire SDK. The source code and likely more example content will be released shortly after Half-Life 2 has (November 16th if you haven't heard).

    Why does Hammer crash?

    Hammer eats a lot of RAM. Make sure other programs are closed while running it. That may help or else your system just sucks.

    Why won't my map compile?

    There are several reasons. If your map won't compile, be sure to post the log in any help seeking thread you may post.

    Why is my sky black or screwing up?

    You have not specified a valid sky name. Go to: Map (at the top menu) -> Map Properties -> Go to the second one down and input a valid sky name. To find a valid sky, go to texture browse, under filter type in 'sky', you will then see a bunch of sky images. Be sure to just type out the first part of the name (i.e. de_cobble) excluding any: ft, lf, dn, bk. Some valid skys are: cx, de_cobble, de_piranesi, hav, italy, jungle, office, sky_dust. You must have a sky in order to prevent leaks and it must be the 'skybox' texture.

    How do I make terrain?

    See this tutorial:

    How come the Paint Alpha won't work?

    Make sure the displacement texture is one that has 'blend' in the name. However, for me it isn't working at all (even with a blend) texture and if anyone knows the solution, please let everyone know.

    How do I create that sexy water?


    How tall is a player?

    72 units.

    Why are there no prefabs?

    Source does it differently from Half-Life where there won't be any prefabs in the place that you're used to. As Griever put it:

    "Using the entity tool, select 'prop_physics', 'prop_physics_clientside', prop_static', etc (depends on whether you want the object physically simulated or not). Add it to your level, right click and go to properties, from there you can select the world model, etc."

    Not too bad coming from a guy who only started mapping yesterday.

    Remember to first read through all of the SDK Documentation... it was made for a reason.

    Other useful resources:

    The Wavelength
    Valve ERC Collective

    I will try and update this as much as I can.
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    Where's the texture/model compilers?
    You need to extract the contents of the GCF file, I'd suggest using GCF-Scape.
    Extract all the files in the sourcesdk.gcf into a folder. Inside the bin folder you'll find studiomdl and vtex. Studiomdl compiles models, vtex compiles materials.

    Are there any source model SMD/QC files to help us out?
    Yes, after you extract the GCF, go into the cstrike_sample_content folder, then go into the model_sources folder. You'll find what you need, including all the files you need to create your own custom playermodel to replace the CT in CSS.

    How do I create a custom CSS playermodel?
    Replace the Urban_reference.smd file with your own playermodel using the same bone skeleton. To get the bone skeleton it uses (using 3d Max, what I use) I would suggest either converting the XSI skeleton included into XSI format then importing that into 3d max, or importing the SMD directly into max by getting an SMD importer for you version of max. Then delete the CT's model, apply your own model, and rig it to that skeleton. Then compile the urban.qc using studiomdl.

    How do I use studiomdl?
    Same way as HL1. I'd suggest searching the net for tutorials because it's pretty complicated if you've never done it before. The most simple way is to drag the .qc file into the studiomdl.

    I get a VPROJECT error when I try to run studiomdl. Why?
    Copy the GameInfo.txt into the bin folder
  3. Frezz

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    Nice FAQ!! I have some questions:
    - Why can't i make func_breakable or func_breakable_surf entitis? I don't have them on my entity-list. I only have (starting on func_)func_ladderendpoint and func_usableladder

    - When im trying to run a map with prop_physics_clintside entitis. I get an error in the console saying that it can't find prop_physics_clientside, and all entitis of that type dosn't appear. Whats wrong?
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    Aug 4, 2004
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    This should be stickied... Nice work.

  5. Beckett

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    bump... good thread
  6. simmo

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    May 17, 2003
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    Due to the amount of stupid repetitive questions we will probablty get when hl2 is here, ill stick eet!! :D
  7. FragileX

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    Sep 19, 2004
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    Im not 100% but maybe you havent added the cstrike game data file in options. I was also missing many func_ when i noticed that i hadent added cstrike game data file... GL
  8. j1mmmy

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    There are two types of basic entity, brush based and point based. func_breakable and assumedly func_breakable_surf are brush based entities. To create them you need to convert a brush or multiple brushes to an entity.

    Assuming it's the same or similar to the original.

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

    Nov 10, 2003
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    How come are entities black or multicoloured in the editor and in the game?
  10. NeChroMonger

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    Over A Year Of producing 1 map NOW i Need Help!

    If there is any 1 out there who could poss help help with a little prob i would be most chuffed.
    Ive been producin a little map now for well over a year(well since i heard half-life 2 was going to be released for the first time)I New there would be some changes in the engine used so i though i would make a map that would be big enough to Really get yer Teeth into(Based)on a real recreation centre in chelt(glos)
    Any Way.
    Problem im getting is a little error that all of a sudden came on me screen.
    The instruction at "0x2417b425" referenced memory at "0x00ce9470". The memory could not be "read
    HELP!!! Screem!!! Yell!!! & Bugger!!
    this error appeared since i installed "SDK" ive re-formatted my system,i have plenty of ram,I re-instated my cpu to its original status & basically ive not been mapping for well over 2 weeks due to this error.
    OH also forgot to mention B-4 the error i get the 33286>32768 vertex buffer error & ive also tried most of the forum answers on this prob to.
    Can any 1 help as i would like to see this map finished as it includes a park,a lake,a stadium and a nine hole golf course.
  11. Terriel

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    i also do not have the func_breakable entities, but i want to options and i already have the cstrike game data file, is there something elce? also, to j1mmy, how do you change a brush to an entitiy?
  12. piggy

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    Aug 27, 2004
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    select it right click>tie to entity then change properties... presto!
  13. Kalashnikov

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    May 14, 2003
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  14. Dead-Inside

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    May 8, 2004
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    This should *really* be updated. There's a lot of "new" questions, not to mention it would be good to tell people how to use cubemaps.
  15. Firkat54

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    Create a brush and then in either the Top, Side, or Front right click it and select tie to entity...thats the only place it will show up. If you just try to create an wont show up..

    and also, when using func_breakable_surf....dont do what i did and use glasswindowbreak70b...use the one with 'a' at the end.

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