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Jeremy Bennett Found Wearing A Half-Life 3 T-Shirt

Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    We've come across a new picture of Jeremy Bennett, Valve's art director behind HL2: Episode Two and Left 4 Dead series, at Comic Con 2011 wearing a Half-Life 3 t-shirt. We found it tucked away on a Facebook page for White Cloud Worlds.​


    You'll remember that in December 2011, the owner of Uber Entertainment posted this picture taken at the Westside Game Industry Night in Seattle, claiming that a Valve employee was caught wearing a HL3 t-shirt. But that t-shirt was wrong; the lambda and "3" were reversed. And no one's really confirmed who exactly was wearing the shirt.

    Anyways, this newly discovered picture of Jeremy was taken in August 2011, before the dubious twitter pic, so now Half-Life fans have even better evidence that Half-Life 3 has probably been well in development for at least a year.

    Recently Valve has been more vocal about their next plans for Half-Life and the future. Instead of just telling fans to "hang in there", Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson have both gone on record this year and said that "Ricochet 2 started development". Gabe also confirmed that they were working on a next generation gaming engine and looking for some software to ship it on. More ambiguously, developers at Valve have also left subtle Easter eggs all over the place, like on the Dota 2 blog or 2011 Steam winter sale art.

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  2. The moment i saw HL3 i pop up i instantly got here.
  3. WildBeλ³st

    WildBeλ³st Medic

    Soon, guys, soon! Be patient.
  4. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    :D :D

    I've been saying it every year since TOB, but this E3 is going to be it for sure!
  5. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    wait people actually believed the game wasn't being made


    people forget the six year+ dev cycle of HL2, christ

    though even that wasn't that worth it
  6. ChiliFan

    ChiliFan Space Core

    a photo from 16 months ago counts as news?
  7. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    Never said it wasn't in development this whole time. The point is that now they're at the point where they're getting comfortable talking about it, instead of just......


  8. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    rip cat
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  9. ChiliFan

    ChiliFan Space Core

    Valve has been as silent as ever about it throughout 2011 and 2012 and the discovery of a year-old photo doesn't change that in any way.
  10. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    You're just unaware of what has been going on this year.

    kotaku.com/5966860/gabe-newell-living-room-pcs-will-compete-with-next gen-consoles
  11. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    We run a show called "ValveTime Weekly News Round-Up". You should watch it sometime. Each week's show is pretty packed - I should know, I have to spend hours every Friday writing it.
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  12. ChiliFan

    ChiliFan Space Core

    I'm aware of all those, and only two are even slightly relevant to a new Half-Life game. You're just one of those people who jumps to absurd conclusions instantly.

    What you're saying is that, now that you've seen a photo from August last year, you believe Valve have been more open about HL3 for the past 16 months, when in fact Gabe refuses to talk about it unless it's referred to under a pseudonym, and even then only gives vague statements about development difficulties which the majority of fans had already assumed were causing the delay.

    This piece of non-news only serves to get naive fans of the series worked up over nothing.

    I appreciate that, and I'm sure it's very informative. Personally I have no interest in anything Valve is currently working on outside of the Half-Life series, but I'm aware that there are plenty of developments with their other games.

    My point is that at no point in the last 2 years have Valve actually come out and said "Half-Life 2: Episode Three/Half-Life 3 is in active development". And an old photo of one of the artists who works on the game doesn't change that fact at all.
  13. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    What about Gabe mentioning Source 2's development several times and then mentioning how they're "Waiting for a game to ship with it"?

    And, sorry to say, but you should probably branch out into other Valve titles instead of just being interested in Half-Life because, as a series, new titles don't appear too often. Not to mention that, eventually, Half-Life will end.
  14. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    Yeah right... :rolleyes: That's why I haven't reported on half of the bullshit leaks that have come out, like the Gamescom list and Garry Newman t-shirt. You obviously don't know who I am or what I'm about, so you have no reason to make such an unfounded claim.

    Simply put, the evidence is out there now. Valve is at the point in development where they're coming out of the twists and turns of the process. Compare this year to the previous 3 in terms of Valve's conversation about the game.


    November 3
    Speaking to members from /v/, Gabe Newell said that Valve has been working on a new engine (not just an iteration to Source) and they're looking for a game to ship it with. Erik Johnson also relayed that "'Richochet 2' started development."

    June 9
    Mr. Gabe Newell made a short cameo appearance in the introductory film to CLANG, Subutai Corporation's upcoming indie game at the time. In his scene, Gabe Newell is forging a crowbar. Neal Stephenson approaches Gabe and asks, "Is that about ready?" To which Gabe eloquently replies, "These things, they take time."

    June 4
    In an interview with GamesTM, Chet Faliszek said, "When we announce Half-Life 3 it won't be on a t-shirt or a forum or some obscure internet game. We'll do it in our own way." Jeep Barnett also said, "...The Half-Life universe is so deep and so involved and kind of puzzling - there's a lot of elements that tie together in unusual ways..." - Summary by CrowbarSka

    April 12
    Gabe Newell said on the 7DCD podcast @ 21:05 that Ricochet 2 has a "giant story arch" and that it has been in development for a long time. It is inferred that Ricochet 2 sarcastically means Half-Life 3. Note: Gabe did not call it Ricochet 2. The 7DCD host did to get around the taboo associated with the words "Half-Life 3".​
    May 9
    "We went through the episodes phase, and now we’re going towards shorter and even shorter cycles," Newell said in an interview published in Develop magazine. "For me, 'entertainment as a service' is a clear distillation of the episodic content model," he added. Here's the entire interview.​

    March 28
    Doug Lombardi said, "We've been really, really fortunate and been able to work on things that we truly are interested in working on. We haven't sort of ever, you know, flip the bit and said 'well, let's just make fancier versions of Half-Life for the rest of our lives and collect all the money.' We've actually done the opposite - sometimes to our fans chagrin."​

    October 21
    Gabe Newell says in an IGN interview that it's always hard to predict where Valve's direction of development will go next. He said, "As I'm reminded of on an almost daily basis, we seemed to be really excited about that episodic thing with [Half-Life 2] Episode One and Episode Two, and then we've gone completely radio silent subsequently. Sometimes it's even dangerous for us to predict what we'll do next." Read more at the bottom ofthis page.​

    August 5
    "We hate to make you wait. But we have no announcements regarding Mr. Freeman or his ongoing adventures at this time," said Doug Lombardi. Noted in this CVG feature.​

    August 12
    Gabe Newell explained in a SteamCast podcast interview that he had nothing to say about Ep3. He said that the Valve developers were in an experimental stage of game development; they were testing new content release schedules.​
  15. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    Now look what you did. You've unleashed the beast.
  16. ChiliFan

    ChiliFan Space Core

    Source 2 is in development yes, that's news. But all he said was that they are waiting for "a game" and you've just assumed Half-Life 3 because of past history with their engines.

    But I'm not interested in them. I only have time for single-player games these days and Counter-Strike and Dota aren't my sort of thing anyway.

    I suppose if you consider referring to it only as "Ricochet 2" and saying that it's taking a long time to develop as being "open" then I guess you're right. But I still don't see how this old photo contributes to anything. It's just one of many humourous references Valve makes to the game that put them on the map. The CLANG video, the Dota 2 symbol and the CS:GO whiteboards are all similarly light-hearted references to show that they are still aware of a Half-Life fanbase. They are in no way an indication of a new game on the horizon.

    I don't think this is true at all. They're simply stating that they are continuing to have difficulties in finding a direction to take with the game, whether that's in terms of story or in terms of gameplay.
  17. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman

    December 26, 4:44pm est
    Valvetime.net staff posts about how a developer is wearing a Half-Life 3 t-shirt and claims it is "evidence that Half-Life 3 has probably been well in development for at least a year."

    December 26, 8:05pm est
    Valvetime.net member Krynn72 ponders why, given the events of June 4th, 2012, the photo of a developer wearing a shirt is being regarded as any sort of reliable evidence of anything at all.
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  18. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    Jeremy can do what ever the hell he wants, right Krynn72? He's a professional and longtime Valve dude. If he wants to go to a game convention with a HL3 shirt, and tell his friends from New Zealand (or any fans that notice) that it's finally moving along, then he can do it. And no one's saying they announced the game through a t-shirt; We know what an announcement from Valve looks like.
  19. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    Ooh oh me too

    December 26, 8:48pm est
    Valvetime.net member Vegeta897 thinks everyone should just chiiiiiiill. Mon.
  20. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

  21. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    It's cool, dude
    It's cool.
  22. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    I'm going to get my brother to make me that shirt, only with a date too, so people get really excited.
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  23. Pwner523

    Pwner523 Spy

  24. Pwner523

    Pwner523 Spy

    Nobody has has an actual date morgs
  25. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    really?! damn!
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  26. vivanetx

    vivanetx Infected

    I feel the need to point this out to everyone. LOOK FAMILIAR?

    It's from the valve employee handbook, page 23 I think. It can be found here:

  27. Pwner523

    Pwner523 Spy

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  28. Gloone

    Gloone Spy

    There's no evidence that that winter sale thing was hinting at HL3.

    People only thought it was back when then they were getting hysterical about a totally imagined ARG with lambdas in the Wheatley video and everything.
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  29. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    the thing about fanbases Gloone is that they all have high concentrations of retardation that induce ridiculous beliefs

    it just happens that Valve in general has the most rabid and retarded fans out there, so a bunch of autists thinking they see something nonexistent is fairly normal, though they should get back on their retard meds so it doesn't happen anymore
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  30. Pwner523

    Pwner523 Spy

    Lol ^^^
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  31. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    Hang on. Wait a second. Half life 2: Episode 2 was the last Half Life game to release.....3 comes after 2.....omg....half life 3!!!!!1
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  32. Pwner523

    Pwner523 Spy

    Omg good luck seeing that..lol

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