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    We interview the project lead of Insurgency, Jeremy.[br]
    : First off, on behalf of, I'd like to thank you
    for taking the time for doing this interview. Starting with the formalities, could
    you please tell us who you are and what your position is within the Insurgency Mod
    : Many were worried that the Insurgency Mod and its team were dead
    in the water - literally in some cases. Why so quiet lately?
    : When can we expect a fully functional website, complete with
    forums to express our utmost feelings and all?
    : So how has the community taken this absence? Have you been constantly
    bombarded with emails asking about your whereabouts? Do they even bother anymore?
    : The internal testing is rolling along nicely, I assume?
    : Have you been taking advantage of the latest Source Engine additions,
    such as high-dynamic range (HDR) lighting and phong shading?
    : Are there workings of new gameplay ideas or mechanics that were
    not previously brought to the publics attention before? How has been working with the Source Engine been? Is it proving
    to be the right choice for your mod?
    : Has VALVe ever confronted the team at all pertaining to the project?
    Have they demanded to have a build of the mod in their hands before 6 o'clock, Thursday?
    : What can we expect to see at the release?
    : So, when can we expect to see the first public launching of Insurgency
    Mod? Sooner rather than later I hope.
    : Any closing thoughts you'd like to share with the community?
    : I'd like to thank you for your time! I'm sure everyone in the
    community will rest easy knowing that the Insurgency Mod team is alive and well.

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