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Discussion in 'Videos, Images, Flash Dump' started by YROC, Nov 11, 2009.

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    DEATHMASTER The Freeman

    Fact: 15357 loves Japs.
  2. Warped

    Warped Newbie

    just googled some Japanese game show images and lost a little bit of my soul that will never come back
  3. AKIRA

    AKIRA Tank

  4. Warped

    Warped Newbie

    looks like one of those pedophilers
  5. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman


    /me waits for some fag to say eww.

    DEATHMASTER The Freeman

    Stupid bitch should move her hand from the E
  7. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

    And then reapply with some force, amirite?
  8. 15357

    15357 Companion Cube

    I'd imagine you'd get arrested if you wore that in public.
  9. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

  10. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

    Get the **** out with that.
  11. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

  12. Warped

    Warped Newbie

    I'd imagine the cops would detain and rape them if they wore that in public

    yeah i said it
  13. Warped

    Warped Newbie

  14. Raziaar

    Raziaar I Hate Custom Titles

    I was watching a youtube video on Caesium... and I saw this guys hair.

    So ridiculous. Scientists have the craziest hair!

  15. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

    Isn't there a website with all the elements and you click on each one and it plays a video with that guy? I was on it before, I can't remember what it was. It's the table of elements, you click on whatever element you want and up comes a window with 2 videos: Him explaining it, and another video of a guy 'testing' it (if possible), like lighting hydrogen on fire or whatever.
  16. Azner

    Azner Tank

    Nottingham University.

    Periodicvideos i used to love that channel
  17. Wanted Bob

    Wanted Bob Companion Cube

    Ha, I've watched those video. That guys hair is awesome.
  18. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

  19. Danimal

    Danimal Companion Cube

    Duke looks a little worried in that picture, actually.

    At least it isn't an expression of confidence, either way.
  20. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman

    See what happens when Vegeta actually starts posting images in an image dump?
  21. They're too busy being scientific to worry about hair!

  22. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    Yes, thank you Mutoid Man!

    /goes back to making snide comments
  23. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

  24. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman

  25. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman


    Never have I stared so blankly at something that was trying to be funny.

    Edit: Dammit! Get that dog out of the way of my pointing carat.
  26. Danimal

    Danimal Companion Cube

    Dog, gtfo.
  27. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman



    EDIT: **** you Danimal
  28. Captain M4d


  29. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

    :D I luv u guyz.

  30. Adrik_Senturu

    Adrik_Senturu WIGWAMBAM!

  31. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman

    ^ Would make a good animated spray, if not for the sheer number of frames
  32. Unfocused

    Unfocused Companion Cube

  33. Dinnesch

    Dinnesch Space Core


    DEATHMASTER The Freeman

  35. Naph

    Naph Companion Cube

    Hm, that picture reminds me of rap. Repetitive and even though I can see the literal picture, it still doesn't make any sense to me at all.
  36. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    "Multiplayer enhanced joystick"

  37. staticprimer

    staticprimer Newbie

    haha wow
  38. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    "Make sure you show them whose captain!"

    lol learn to whose/who's
  39. isn't that the same counter-terrorist guy from CSS?
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