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I need the assistance of the community

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by Gabe Newell, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. Gabe Newell

    Gabe Newell Newbie

    Ever have one of those weeks? This has just not been the best couple of days for me or for Valve.

    Yes, the source code that has been posted is the HL-2 source code.

    Here is what we know:

    1) Starting around 9/11 of this year, someone other than me was accessing my email account. This has been determined by looking at traffic on our email server versus my travel schedule.

    2) Shortly afterwards my machine started acting weird (right-clicking on executables would crash explorer). I was unable to find a virus or trojan on my machine, I reformatted my hard drive, and reinstalled.

    3) For the next week, there appears to have been suspicious activity on my webmail account.

    4) Around 9/19 someone made a copy of the HL-2 source tree.

    5) At some point, keystroke recorders got installed on several machines at Valve. Our speculation is that these were done via a buffer overflow in Outlook's preview pane. This recorder is apparently a customized version of RemoteAnywhere created to infect Valve (at least it hasn't been seen anywhere else, and isn't detected by normal virus scanning tools).

    6) Periodically for the last year we've been the subject of a variety of denial of service attacks targetted at our webservers and at Steam. We don't know if these are related or independent.

    Well, this sucks.

    What I'd appreciate is the assistance of the community in tracking this down. I have a special email address for people to send information to, helpvalve@valvesoftware.com. If you have information about the denial of service attacks or the infiltration of our network, please send the details. There are some pretty obvious places to start with the posts and records in IRC, so if you can point us in the right direction, that would be great.

    We at Valve have always thought of ourselves as being part of a community, and I can't imagine a better group of people to help us take care of these problems than this community.

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  2. poseyjmac

    poseyjmac Newbie

  3. Hudson

    Hudson Newbie

    will do Gabe
  4. Oh god..... it's real.... The Halflife2.net community stand at your side sir.
  5. D33

    D33 Newbie

    Naughty spitcodfry... NAUGHTY. ;(
  6. [Matt]

    [Matt] Newbie

    omg its real!!!
  7. Hudson

    Hudson Newbie

    im sure you will have the entire communitys total support.
  8. scribblehead

    scribblehead Newbie

    That really sucks gabe....

    well i'll be sure to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
  9. Solidarnosi

    Solidarnosi Newbie

    Good Luck! Your community loves you, I know there must be some people out there that can help --- Soli
  10. Shockwave

    Shockwave Newbie

    I kneel before our commander
  11. CommieX

    CommieX Newbie

    Wow, that sucks. It also sucks when a game developer misleads their fans and gives false information. :eek:
  12. Ridic

    Ridic Tank

    genocide....yes genocide will work.

    heh, i hope someone finds out who it is, and stops him.
  13. synth

    synth Newbie

    Sorry to hear that Gabe, I'll tell you if I see trouble.
  14. No Limit

    No Limit Party Escort Bot

    Wow, I can't beleive this is actually real :(. I would start and find out who the punk was that started the original thread at the steam forums, I'm sure you can gets lots of information from that.
  15. ProRook

    ProRook Guest

    wow this royally blows,i hope it isnt delayed any more :(
  16. bbyybb

    bbyybb Newbie

    Will do. ANything to help really.

  17. addy

    addy Newbie

    ffs :( we luv u valve
  18. leg0

    leg0 Newbie

    omg! :( This doesn't look to have a happy ending :(
  19. mutt

    mutt Newbie

    this is so crap. :( the ppl who did this need to be caught
  20. Thing'e'

    Thing'e' Guest

  21. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    i think im gonna be sick, so does this effect the game in anyway, i mean, should we worry?
  22. Ghost Freeman

    Ghost Freeman Newbie

    Oh my god...

    I don't know what to say, except whoever did this is now a dead man.
  23. Shockwave

    Shockwave Newbie

    We help you then we want details on multiplayer damnit! or TF2 screens!:)
  24. jhero

    jhero Newbie

    Gabe, we will track down this ass, and personally punish him :)
  25. addy

    addy Newbie

    Sticky this mod
  26. Rambo

    Rambo Newbie

    i speak for everyone when i say...

  27. Alec_85

    Alec_85 Newbie

    See you in hell *****!

    We will try to assist you in any way possible.
  28. thop

    thop Newbie

    This should be the final proof NOT to use Outlook Express! I'd be really pissed at MS if i were you Gabe. Anyway, i feel for you :(
  29. DarkelP

    DarkelP Newbie

    Sorry to hear about this gabe, i think it totally sucks. I hope that whoever did this will burn in hell with there testicles on rusty lemon covered spikes!
    You could sue there asses off, or just kill them:D

    I'm sure you have the whole communtiy behind you in finding them and taking them down.
  30. Robert

    Robert Newbie

    Gabe worked for Microsoft, then sotp make suck sucky programs as Outlook!:&
  31. Magicpants

    Magicpants Newbie

    Yeh Gabe - keep up the good work, we're with you.
  32. budgie55

    budgie55 Newbie

    Wow very kind of you to post on here Gabe. I am really very truely sorry for what has happened but lets face it with something this big it has a high risk of something happening.

    If I ever hear anything (which I doubt) I will of course pass on the information.

    Very sorry to hear of what has happened :(

    Good luck
  33. leg0

    leg0 Newbie

    ffs! Could it get any more worse? first the delay and then this!? DOH!
  34. FISKER_Q

    FISKER_Q Newbie

    You shouldn't happen to have any of the infected stuff left right?

    It should then be possible to set up some sniffers and sniff where's it's sent to. Anyways i'll be more than happy to help you with finding the people if you got an ip.
  35. Radeon

    Radeon Newbie

    Hmmf, why do people have to do stuff like this :(
  36. Fat Tony!

    Fat Tony! Newbie

    Bloody hackers chase them down! and burn them at the stake :flame:
  37. SpAz

    SpAz Guest

    anyone have a possible idea of the hackers?

    my first choice would be the *****'s trying to get the source code to make advance copies of hacks for hl2 and tf2
  38. Murray_H

    Murray_H Tank

    Damn :/

    I'm sure everyone will keep an ear to the ground, sucks pretty bad.

    Just a note to everyone, this is some serious stuff going on here, so if you know something dont be a nonce, tell Valve what you know. But also, dont make crap up, these guys have got enough on their hands at this moment.
  39. I never experianced anything like this...this is something i gonna tell my kids about in the future :)
  40. bilsmaks

    bilsmaks Newbie

    gabe, all of the community is on your side, thats not kosher...i dun suppose we could get a copy of hl2 as a reward? just kidding, keep up the good work guys!
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