Hl2 Freezing, Plz Help!

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by Travis76, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Travis76

    Travis76 Guest

    Hello, can someone please help me, i got the free HL2A coupon thingy when i bought my video card, the ATI 9600XT, and i got steam and downloaded the game. And when i finally go to start the game, the valve screen comes up, then after that is done it goes to another screen and just freezes, it sais loading and i can move my mouse but it just dosent do anything. When i click CTRL+ALT+DEL it sais not HL2 is not responding. I dont get this? CS works but HL2 dosent, the only error that came up said something like "the instruction ox241f8977 referenced memory at oxo1b8f500 the memory could not be read", can someone pllease help me i really wanna play this game. I have a good cpu so this makes no sense.
  2. TiMz

    TiMz Guest

    this same thing is happening to me, i dont know what to do
  3. TiMz

    TiMz Guest

    wait, nvm, its working now, all i can say is jsut let it have some time, i simpy left it running for 20 minutes on the loading page, it suddenly started working after that
  4. -303-sKuLL

    -303-sKuLL Guest

    I think its something to do with hl2 setting up on your pc for the 1st time.

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