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Hidden face in Episode 2 GCF

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by simonjedi, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. simonjedi

    simonjedi Spy

    credit to darkgoten on steam powered forum for this:


    who do you think it is?
  2. Sedako

    Sedako Chuck Steak

    I think it's Rosie O'Donnell.
  3. Crash Happy

    Crash Happy Newbie

    Spooky. Wearing glasses aren't they?
  4. Tomu

    Tomu Spy

    The true leader of the whole Universal Union and the advisors.
  5. Tomu

    Tomu Spy

    The true leader of the whole Universal Union and the advisors.
    Or it could be Breen!:eek:

    Sh*t double post srry.
  6. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

    Virgin Mary
  7. Para

    Para Newbie

    Here's a photoshop of it for added ease:

    Attached Files:

  8. Atomic_Piggy

    Atomic_Piggy Newbie

    Hmmm...It could be Breen, but its very difficult to tell. Gah, if I had the PC version I'd look at this myself.
  9. scotland1

    scotland1 Spy

    Yeah he/she/it's wearing glasses I think. Maybe an older Kleiner?
  10. CAPGuy

    CAPGuy Guest

    Egad, that is creepy. Nice catch, simonjedi.
  11. Rossell

    Rossell Newbie

    Looks like GMan to me.
  12. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

  13. I bet it's one of the developers 'signing' his artwork.
  14. Xendance

    Xendance Tank

    Its clearly the G-man.


    looks like one of the doom 3 scientists IMO


  16. Para

    Para Newbie

    Was clicking the link in my post too much for you? :sleep:
  17. giant384

    giant384 Tank

    its Morgan Freeman!!!!
  18. Kinda looks like janet reno :)


  19. GM)Paravin.

    GM)Paravin. Newbie

    It's O' Neal!
  20. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

  21. comradpoplin1

    comradpoplin1 Newbie

  22. Pinkle

    Pinkle Newbie

    Holy shit, that's creepy/awesome!! Certainly doesn't look like anyone we've seen in HL...
  23. monkeyclass

    monkeyclass Newbie

    Certainly it's something valve did on purpose. further character? Dont think so.

    Joke from valve? I think so
  24. soulslicer

    soulslicer Tank

    exactly what i thought. How the heck does valve have all the time to add in all this extra stuff and easter eggs here and there. my god... (see here, xendance, 3 dots, as you wished)
  25. 97AndyMacK

    97AndyMacK Newbie

    Joke, yes.
    GMan, looks like him dunnit.

    Relevance to story, probably none at all.


    Why doesn't someone email valve? :D
  27. diluted

    diluted Newbie

    Gman's dad.
  28. Hondo

    Hondo Newbie

    Stephen Hawking?
  29. Hondo

    Hondo Newbie

    If that's not Stephen Hawking, I still swear I've seen that face before. For some reason I'm thinking scientist or politician.
  30. McGooTheWise

    McGooTheWise Newbie

    It does kinda look like hawking...

    *EDIT* This is the closest I could get of him to how that picture looks.

  31. McGooTheWise

    McGooTheWise Newbie

    Sorry, double post.
  32. To me, it looks absolutely nothing like the GMan. I'm actually thinking it's the person who originally became that Advisor. The way Breen was talking about a 'host body' leads me to think that people's minds are absorbed into an Advisor and each one is an individual hive mind comprised of minds they specifically have absorbed.

    I'm thinking yet another BM scientist.
  33. ShadowX

    ShadowX Newbie

    Strangely enough, I think it IS Steven Hawking. >_<
  34. cyk

    cyk Newbie

    I fired off an email to Gabe, so we'll see if we get a response.
  35. theotherguy

    theotherguy Newbie

    woah, looks just like stephen hawking
  36. Chell + 20 years?
  37. Hondo

    Hondo Newbie

    I really think that might be Stephen Hawking. Which begs the question: why in the hell is he in a picture of a combine advisor?!
  38. jpventoso

    jpventoso Newbie

    ...or Sigmund Freud?? lol.



    It makes more sense if it was Hawking, because of the worm holes, and space-time deformation and stuff.
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