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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by ZT, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. ZT

    ZT The Freeman

    Lol, so my 9 year old brother somehow fell into a hole of bedrock two blocks deep (I don't know how) and he also happens to not have anything in his inventory. He is all sad because it's his favorite map. Does anyone know an easy way to get out? Are there cheats I can put in or something?
  2. Stylo

    Stylo The Freeman

    ITT: ZT fell down a hole on Minecraft.
  3. Shakermaker

    Shakermaker Party Escort Bot

    Only works in multiplayer afaik.
  4. ZT

    ZT The Freeman

    lol'd, but no.

    Is there a way to kill yourself in the game by a command? Or start at a spawning point? He keeps talking about Minecraft Edit or something, that allows you to create all sorts of stuff in minecraft; and therefor he could create a few blocks to get out?
  5. Oh, my bad. Apparently the lord and saviour still hasn't implemented a console command line option.

    Try this?
  6. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    How the hell does he not have any blocks to get up... How did he dig the 2 blocks into the bedrock area to even get there? Where did those blocks go?

    There's a program where you can edit your save file to give yourself blocks.
  7. Higlac

    Higlac Companion Cube

  8. Install MineEdit, give him a load of cobblestone, and enough bedrock to fill the hole once he comes up.

    Just be careful placing the bedrock!

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