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    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

    We are nearing the time till Valve's presentation begins (2pm PST, 10pm GMT) and our colleague Smash is on location at the Los Angeles Conference Centre, reporting back his findings. You can follow him through twitter right here - http://twitpic.com/6h3rt


    Update 1: So far since arriving, smash has wandered into the 360 demo booth and found a playable Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Picture here.
    Update 2: L4D2 playtest in valves room. not an expansion. pc and 360 nov 17. screen shots later at hl2.net. no ep3 at e3.
    Disappointing news, no episode 3 at E3. So Episode 3 really is an ambitious project, there is still nothing to show for it!? I am surprised.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Shakermaker
    How about a HL3 - Ep 3 hybrid with a completely different title? Oh, how I love speculating :D
  2. Sledgehammer
    Nono, you're getting it all wrong. Portal 2 and Episode Three is the same game.
  3. Shakermaker
    btw is Smash going in again today?
  4. G. Freeman
    Im new to this site, and after reading all of these posts i have to say im a little let down. I was hoping as well with all of you that we would see something. I mean if i have to wait to see something that is fine. The only thing that makes me happy is that Freeman is not done in his adventures!! I have to say this because im new but Half-Life 2 is the best game of all time as we know and im just happy to see other people feel the same way! HL2 FTW!!!
  5. G. Freeman
    I also think that it will be worth the wait if they decide to bring this out as a surpirse. It would be nice to know but even better when u finally find out that it is coming and an actual date. I keep telling myself that Valve wouldnt let me down its too great of a series to let go and if they do ill be done with Valve forever. Ive played L4D and if they need to make a second 1 to get some money together to make EP3 even greated fine by me but dont cut it out.
  6. Hectic Glenn
    Don't worry, the Half-life part of Valve brings in more fans than their other games, and also more money. Problem is...the bar for FPS games is constantly being risen...and Valve refuse to release anything but a top notch product. It will come someday, but unfortunately this is the life of a Valve fan. A lot of waiting.
  7. barbarbarbarbar
    Since i didn't get a chance to say what I think when this was fresh , i will just do so now.I completely understand Valve's strategy.Keep the fans waiting , waiting , waiting , and when the time is right , they want EP3 content to explode across the internet.And when the fans are expecting for the "explosion" and when they think it will happen , it doesn't . Instead they will let the community be mad at them for a bit and when they finally release content , fans will forgive them.This is a very risky strategy.Considering the amount of fans being pissed they are really , really gonna have to surprise us .

    EDIT:Left4Dead 2 ? Bad idea. Let's just hope they don't announce Team Fortress 3 next year :)
  8. Kamikazie
    You're the dude in your avatar aren't you.